Monday, February 7, 2011

100th Day of School Project!

Today will finally be the 100th day of school.  We have been so behind because of all the snow days we have incurred this year. 
To celebrate this momentous occasion, Andrew's teacher asked that each student make a project of 100 somethings.  After talking it over with Andrew, he decided that he wanted to make a cake with 100 candles.  I told him that we couldn't bring a real cake to school (no food policy) and that we would have to make a fake cake...he was just fine with that as long as we did the 100 candles (of course his goal was to "fire" which I said "NO WAY"!).
I figured this project would be the perfect thing for us to do during the super bowl game, so I gathered up our material and we headed to the kitchen table.  I set Eli up at one end of the table and gave him 100 noodles to paint.  he had decided on making a noodle necklace for his project.  Sissy Lou also joined in and played with the extra clay that we were using as our icing for the cake.
 Andrew and I were so focused on getting his cake done that I hadn't realized what Sissy Lou was up to until she started crying and hitting her ears.  When I went to inspect I saw that she had jammed both of her ears full of...CLAY!  We can't do anything "event free"!
It wasn't the easiest to get out either...I was just imagining having to go the ER and explain this one, however, I was sure they had seen worse!
I finally got it all cleaned out of her ears and hair and finished Andrew's project. 
Here's the final picture.....I used the monkey ribbon because their class is called "The Monkey's"!
I thought it turned out pretty cute....and Andrew was so excited to take it to school today....which is all that mattered!

If you would like to know how to make this cake check out my blog post "tip junkie":

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  1. Andrew's project is so cute!!! Sam's, of course, had Legos involved. I'll have to send you the link to his video project. We had a lot of fun working on this together. Looks like you guys did too. :)


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