Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Jesse and I have been trying to teach the boys how to pray...I mean really pray.  Last night after their Bible story Jesse said "okay boys, daddy is going to pray and I want you to listen and hear what I say to Jesus".  So then Jesse starts his prayer with Jesus, Thank you so much for..... and then goes through praying for everyone and says please forgive me for the times I've failed you and so forth.  After he was done he said okay boys it's your turn to talk to God and tell he what you want.  With that Andrew starts his prayer "Dear Jesus, I want spiders, scorpions and snakes all in different cages so they won't sting and bite each other",  Eli chimes in "Dear Jesus, I want the big Optimus Prime Transformer".  HA!!!!

 So this morning Eli gets up and says "I think that Jesus left the Optimus Prime Transformer for me down stairs".  Jesse did says for them to pray for anything they wanted....maybe we should rephrase the wording!


  1. Hey Joy! Not sure if you remember me or not Bill's sister Jessica. Just wanted to say I love reading your blog!

  2. I pray like that most of the time, truth be told!

  3. Thank you Jessica and yes I remember you! Cricket...me too!

  4. Joy, Jessica is a blog stalker!!!! Beware. I miss you like crazy. By the way, did you see God . . . .
    I am not prepared for a child that asks questions.


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