Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tooth Fairy

Andrew will be turning 6 in a little over a month, growing way too fast for my personal taste!  As you all know as you turn 5-6 your baby teeth start falling out and you start getting your "big boy/girl" teeth.  Andrew lost his first tooth back in October while we were visiting family in Alabama.  I would love to say it was a fantastic experience but truth be told we spent most of the day looking for that first tooth.  He was jumping on the trampoline with Eli and stopped suddenly and ran to my brother holding his mouth.  Uncle Stephen asked him what was wrong and Andrew uncovered his mouth to show a missing tooth.  He had jumped up and somehow managed to get his tooth caught in the net and when gravity played it's part the tooth was pulled.  It was a little loose so it wasn't so bad.  The bad part was that it was his first tooth and we couldn't find it.  So we wrote a note to the tooth fairy and had him cut out a replica of his tooth to place under the pillow.
Needless to say we were not going to loose the next tooth!  Whatever it took.....we were going to have a bottom baby me crazy if you must!  For a mother (or just me) the first tooth is like the first haircut, you keep the lock of hair.  So I wanted that tooth...not so much for him, but for me! The other night the time had come for us to take action on the next tooth!  It had been loose for a while but that night it was coming out!  Don't get me wrong, it was ready to come out and just hanging on by a thread.  So Jesse reached in and pulled for a few seconds until he got a good grasp.  Eli was sitting next to Jesse and was hiding his face behind Jesse's back.  All of a sudden the tooth comes out, cheers go up from Jesse and I, Smiles from Andrew and this screeching scream from Eli.  He was terrified and had tears streaming down his face and a look of horror!  Immediately we start asking "what's wrong Eli?".  Through his screams  and sobs we hear the broken phrase "I...don' my.... tooth....uh, uh, uh...sniff"!  So we spent the rest of the night reassuring him that his tooth was not ready and that we were not going to pull his tooth.  All drama aside....we have the tooth and the tooth fairy came....WHEW, another disaster averted!

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