Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pants on the Ground, Pants on the Ground!

It's true, you do look like a fool with your pants on the ground....especially when they are around your ankles!
Yesterday I was hanging Payton's clothes in her closet and she was crawling around me.  She decided that she was ready to be held, and she was ready N.O.W.  I had my hands full of clothes attempting to hang them in the place they belong (yes, I know I am a freak, but it's easier to find what type of outfit you are looking for when they are all grouped together).  Anyways, Payton started to loose her mind and was now pulling up on me demanding to be picked up.  I refused.....I had to get this done and she is just 8 months old and not the boss of me...yet anyways.  So as she is pulling up on my legs she is pulling down my pants.  I start dancing around and lifting my legs to try and get all of  "pant falling" to stop, but to no avail.  She managed to pull my pants to the ground.  So there I stand in Payton's closet with my arms full of clothes and my pants on the ground.
To make the story even better.......
Later, Jesse was helping out and trying to get Payton her bottle.  She was tired and ready to go to bed.  She crawled over to him and again demanded to be held.  She began pulling up on his leg by pulling down his pants as well.  He got so tickled that he couldn't do anything and the more she pulled the more he laughed.  The pants kept coming down until there was full moon and full crack and we all know crack kills!  So to remedy the situation Jesse started spreading his legs to keep the pants up.  He looked like he was doing the splits before it was all said and done.  I really should have taken a picture!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Poor Gus!

The other day I had to take the dogs to the vet. It was Belle's first visit and Gus had to get his teeth looked at. You see over the years Gus's teeth and breath have become horrendous that you couldn't hardly stand the smell. His breath smelled like garbage and his teeth were so loose that his tongue would always stick out of his mouth. So not being able to stand his breath any longer we decided the vet needed to take a look.

The news on Gus's mouth was not so great. They said that dachshund's are known for loosing their teeth and that Gus's teeth were so loose that they needed to extract 4-6 of them. They had become so loose that they were starting to decay and that was what the smell was....GROSS! So with that we made the appointment and took him this morning for his procedure. I got a call this afternoon that Gus was ready for pick up and with that I loaded everyone up and away we went to get poor Gus. When I arrived the vet stepped in to talk about what they had done. Everything went well except for they had to extract 9 teeth! POOR GUS, POOR TOOTHLESS GUS! So now we have Belle "the wonder dog" and Gus "the toothless wonder"!
Belle decided to help Gus out with some food and went into the kitchen. I heard some strange noises coming from there so I called her name. When she came to me I noticed her smacking her lips....and with that I jumped up, ran to the kitchen and saw the damage! Belle "the wonder dog" had lifted her 50 lb self up on the cabinet and had eaten 7....yes 7 cupcakes that I had made for the kids. She ate the cupcakes and the paper wrappers as well. I'm glad I caught her before she finished them all off!  I'm guessing it won't be  a good night for Belle and she will be spending a lot of time outside!


When Andrew got in the car today after school he announced that he had, had a bloody nose for the second day in a row. So the following is the written account of our conversation.

Andrew: "Mom, I had another bloody nose today"
Me: "Andrew, what happened"
Andrew: "I don't know, it started bleeding and I ran off the carpet super fast"
Me: "okay, so were you picking your nose?"
Andrew: "Well, I thought there was boogers in there so my finger went searching for them and then my nose started to bleed so I ran off the carpet and got a tissue".
Me:  "oh, you're finger was searching.....huh....nice way to avoid picking your nose".

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kids will be Kids!

Jesse usually is the one that takes Andrew to school in the mornings on his way to work.  Today they left a little late and got caught in traffic which resulted in Andrew being a few minutes late to school.  When a child is late the parent has to walk the child in, sign them in and give the reason why they were late.  So Jesse being the smart aleck that he is, wrote in the reason category "hurricane", the front office people really got a kick out it!
So Jesse walked Andrew down to his class and apologized to the teacher again by cracking some sort of joke, when across the room a kid darts out and runs/sprints up to Andrew.  He then leans in and yells "Hey Andrew, your dad had a big nose!".  I don't know what is funnier.....seeing the kid fall over himself running to tell Andrew this or the awkwardness that followed between Jesse, Andrew and the teacher!

Pizza! Pizza!

The other night I had a function at church so I left Jesse in charge of all three kids.  I think I know that whenever this happens I always get a story for my blog!  So just to make life easy Jesse ordered pizza for supper.  When the pizza was delivered, Jesse put it on the table and went down stairs to gather the boys up.  When he returned upstairs he looked at the table and saw that the pizza was missing.  He then saw that Belle had drug the pizza box off the table.....opened the box and was getting ready to devour it!

The next day Jesse took the boys to T-ball practice and so I jumped in the shower while Payton was napping.  When I got out of the shower I notice something black that Belle had in her mouth.  It was Jesse's dress shoe and this was the second pair she has chewed.  I bet he is really starting the second guess his decision to get a puppy now!  All I have to say is, if she chews just one of my shoes there's going to be some T.R.O.U.B.L.E.!

Friday, March 19, 2010


Every morning around here is pretty much the same.  Get the kids up, make kids breakfast, coffee, make bottle, get Andrew dressed and feed the dogs.  So every morning I fill both dog bowls with food and fresh water.  Belle always gobbles her food right away, but Gus....well he has the tendency to take his time.  Yesterday I was playing with Payton in the living room when Eli calls out for help.  He needed one of his games turned on and so I hopped up to help him.  I was only gone a matter of minutes but when I returned I found my beloved daughter right beside the dog bowls....again.  She had managed to crawl (quickly) to the kitchen and pour Gus's big bowl of food into his fresh bowl of water.   She had made herself a bowl of doggie soup and was very entertained!  She was not so entertained when I took it away!
Later that day I found her again at the dog bowl.  This time the food was gone, but the water was not.  She sure did have fun entertaining herself making a huge puddle in the middle of my floor.....this time I was the one who wasn't entertained!

She also managed to crawl in our bedroom and shut the door behind her.  I laughed to myself and tried to open the door......but she had her body blocking the door.  She was sitting with her back against the door playing with the door stop.  I waited a minute and finally got her to move.  I am afraid that I have a little mischievous girl on my hands.  She reminds me a lot of Andrew, just not as clumsy.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Shower Time

Alright, so the other day I told you all how much I love my shower.  That we even bought this house just for the shower or as we call it the "double shower head cow shower".  Love, Love, Love it!  One of the reasons I love it is because it is so stinkin' easy to throw both the boys in the shower with their dad and WALA...baths are done!  Well I guess Payton likes the shower as well, because the other day Jesse turned on the shower and the boys got in......but they left the shower door open.  I walked in just in time to see Payton crawling in the shower (fully clothed) with her brothers.  So now it's a shower for all three kids!
On Sunday morning Jesse put the boys in the shower to get ready for church...he jumped in as well just to save time.  They were finishing up when Payton appeared and pulled herself up and was standing propped against the doors.  She was licking and blowing all over the doors and yelling and laughing at the boys.  I didn't think much of it and walked in the other room to iron our clothes.  When I returned I found my husband and two boys freezing cold and trapped in the shower by......our 8 month old daughter!  She wouldn't get out of the way so they could open the door and get out, and if they did it would knock her over.  So instead of figuring out a way to get her to move they all sat there and froze to death until I returned.......I thought it was quite funny!

Dog Food

What is it about dog food that babies like so much?  The texture, color, smell or shape?  All three of my kids got into the dog food!  Eli was the worst, we had to dig it out of his mouth everyday.  Payton has now decided that it is worth a try and I have had to remove several pieces from her mouth as well.  Who knows, it probably holds some kind of special nutrition that we know nothing's gross

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bunk Beds

After much debate, Jesse and I decided to get the boys bunk beds. We thought that it was time that they each have a bed and we knew that they would not sleep in separate bedrooms. The bunk beds were delivered yesterday and set up and the boys were so excited. They climbed up the stairs and were up top and then would walk down to the bottom. There are secret compartments in the stairs and they filled each one with their things. They could not wait to sleep in their new beds! Andrew hopped right up and got tucked into the top bed and we put Eli on the bottom. Eli wasn't too happy about sleeping alone and started to say that he wanted to sleep with Andrew. We explained that two couldn't sleep up top and with that Andrew said "and I'm not sleeping down there". Eli was upset, but settled in and fell asleep. A little while later we went in the check on them to see them in their new beds. Except when we looked in on them Andrew was in the bed with Eli on bottom.

This morning we asked Andrew why he slept on bottom and he said "I got scared on top so I slept with my brother". With that Jesse looks at me and says "money well spent". Oh well, maybe they will get use to them before long. For as much as they fight, they sure don't like to be separated.

Monday, March 8, 2010

A Daughter Nose!

This past weekend at church the service was really geared toward worship. So the lights we dimmed, the curtains were drawn and the music was soft and tender. Jesse was holding Payton and really getting in the moment. So he closed his eyes and began to sing.....just then he felt something wet around his nose.....that's right......Payton had leaned in and put her mouth right around his nose. Needless to say he lost the moment!


Dogs....dogs like to show their dominance to each other in many ways. Sometimes they do obscene things to each other, other times the fight, but one way in particular they show their dominance is by marking their territory. By this, I mean they pee all over to say that "this here is my land and don't you dare consider trespassing!". So for the past four days this is what we have encountered in our house hold. Gus who has been with us since we got married (10 yrs) has his bed in our room. It is rather large for his dachshund size, but he loves it. He also has a blanket on top of his bed that he wraps himself up in every night. Belle on the other hand is kennel trained, so we keep her in her kennel at night. She also has a bed in her kennel, but it is placed in the other room. Apparently Belle got a little jealous, like a lot of us women do. So to prove her dominance over Gus and show him she was in charge she walked over and peed right square in the middle of his bed. I didn't know what was going on, but Gus was walking around his bed in circles whining and then would stare down at it as if to say "are you kidding me!". So I got out of bed and pulled back his covers only to find a big puddle of pee! At first I thought it was an accident and put her outside immediately.......until the next day rolled around and she did the very same thing....AGAIN! So I pulled the cover off the big dog bed and his blanket and washed them for a second day in a row. Third and fourth day same thing.......but on the 4th day I caught her and sent her jealous rear end out the door.....then I made the boys pee on her bed.....okay I'm lying they didn't do that, but I wanted revenge for my beloved wiener dog!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Heat is On!

SSSOOO......we bought this dog....a female...10 months old, and the trainer says to Jesse, "I think she will come into heat soon". Jesse hears, "whah waa whhaah whaa".......then we come home for two weeks and the dog starts acting all weird..really weird. The dog will not perform all her magical tricks for Jesse. The dog will not retrieve the golden goose for Jesse. The dog will do nothing but heel and sit or lay. The Master "Jesse" is getting really upset and angry that dog will not Master huffs and puffs and wants to give the dog back. Forget the attachment and relationship that has formed with the other "mini" masters......nope, the dog is broken and must go back. But Sarge (Head Master) notices that dog isn't feeling well, in fact Sarge notices that dog looks to be in heat. When Sarge checks dog she sees that dog is for sure in heat. There is a reason why they gave female dogs a certain name...because when they are in heat they sure are hormonal!

So Sarge has prepared for such a day. Women must stick together regardless of the mammal. Sarge gets the dog diaper that was purchased earlier (because Sarge is always prepared and listened to the trainer). Then Sarge puts the diaper or over sized maxi pad on dog (since she is inside, we must protect our house)! Then Master and mini masters roll on the floor laughing at dog and mini masters start calling dog "diaper head". And they want to know why "diaper head" is bleeding out of her pee-pee and when "diaper head" will stop being hurt. Sarge left that conversation up to Master.

Planes, Planes, Planes!

Jacuzzi tubs are wonderful things, especailly with the jets on at full speed. Nothing soothes your broken body better than a good ole' soak in the tub. The "Red's" also love the big tub. They go through their play room rounding up mounds of toys to bring upstairs for their bath. The other night Andrew brought every plane that he owned to the bath and had a great time playing. The down side to this is that they always leave their toys behind and I have to get a huge bag/bucket to carry them all back down. Needless to say all the planes were piled up in the corner of the tub until.........

Jesse was worn out and cold and decided that it would be a good idea to get in the tub to warm up and soak. So manly I know, but he was relaxing when I walked in on him..........PLAYING with the planes. He even had lined them up each by what type of plane it was (fighter plane, jet plane, etc...). It cracked me up so much and I laughed so hard that I had to snap a picture,(when he was out of the tub of coarse, and sorry for the visual!). So the purpose of this story, other than embarrassing my husband, is to say that it is true......Men never do grow up.  So CUTE!
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