Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Heat is On!

SSSOOO......we bought this dog....a female...10 months old, and the trainer says to Jesse, "I think she will come into heat soon". Jesse hears, "whah waa whhaah whaa".......then we come home for two weeks and the dog starts acting all weird..really weird. The dog will not perform all her magical tricks for Jesse. The dog will not retrieve the golden goose for Jesse. The dog will do nothing but heel and sit or lay. The Master "Jesse" is getting really upset and angry that dog will not perform.....so Master huffs and puffs and wants to give the dog back. Forget the attachment and relationship that has formed with the other "mini" masters......nope, the dog is broken and must go back. But Sarge (Head Master) notices that dog isn't feeling well, in fact Sarge notices that dog looks to be in heat. When Sarge checks dog she sees that dog is for sure in heat. There is a reason why they gave female dogs a certain name...because when they are in heat they sure are hormonal!

So Sarge has prepared for such a day. Women must stick together regardless of the mammal. Sarge gets the dog diaper that was purchased earlier (because Sarge is always prepared and listened to the trainer). Then Sarge puts the diaper or over sized maxi pad on dog (since she is inside, we must protect our house)! Then Master and mini masters roll on the floor laughing at dog and mini masters start calling dog "diaper head". And they want to know why "diaper head" is bleeding out of her pee-pee and when "diaper head" will stop being hurt. Sarge left that conversation up to Master.

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