Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bunk Beds

After much debate, Jesse and I decided to get the boys bunk beds. We thought that it was time that they each have a bed and we knew that they would not sleep in separate bedrooms. The bunk beds were delivered yesterday and set up and the boys were so excited. They climbed up the stairs and were up top and then would walk down to the bottom. There are secret compartments in the stairs and they filled each one with their things. They could not wait to sleep in their new beds! Andrew hopped right up and got tucked into the top bed and we put Eli on the bottom. Eli wasn't too happy about sleeping alone and started to say that he wanted to sleep with Andrew. We explained that two couldn't sleep up top and with that Andrew said "and I'm not sleeping down there". Eli was upset, but settled in and fell asleep. A little while later we went in the check on them to see them in their new beds. Except when we looked in on them Andrew was in the bed with Eli on bottom.

This morning we asked Andrew why he slept on bottom and he said "I got scared on top so I slept with my brother". With that Jesse looks at me and says "money well spent". Oh well, maybe they will get use to them before long. For as much as they fight, they sure don't like to be separated.

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