Monday, March 8, 2010


Dogs....dogs like to show their dominance to each other in many ways. Sometimes they do obscene things to each other, other times the fight, but one way in particular they show their dominance is by marking their territory. By this, I mean they pee all over to say that "this here is my land and don't you dare consider trespassing!". So for the past four days this is what we have encountered in our house hold. Gus who has been with us since we got married (10 yrs) has his bed in our room. It is rather large for his dachshund size, but he loves it. He also has a blanket on top of his bed that he wraps himself up in every night. Belle on the other hand is kennel trained, so we keep her in her kennel at night. She also has a bed in her kennel, but it is placed in the other room. Apparently Belle got a little jealous, like a lot of us women do. So to prove her dominance over Gus and show him she was in charge she walked over and peed right square in the middle of his bed. I didn't know what was going on, but Gus was walking around his bed in circles whining and then would stare down at it as if to say "are you kidding me!". So I got out of bed and pulled back his covers only to find a big puddle of pee! At first I thought it was an accident and put her outside immediately.......until the next day rolled around and she did the very same thing....AGAIN! So I pulled the cover off the big dog bed and his blanket and washed them for a second day in a row. Third and fourth day same thing.......but on the 4th day I caught her and sent her jealous rear end out the door.....then I made the boys pee on her bed.....okay I'm lying they didn't do that, but I wanted revenge for my beloved wiener dog!

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