Friday, March 26, 2010

Poor Gus!

The other day I had to take the dogs to the vet. It was Belle's first visit and Gus had to get his teeth looked at. You see over the years Gus's teeth and breath have become horrendous that you couldn't hardly stand the smell. His breath smelled like garbage and his teeth were so loose that his tongue would always stick out of his mouth. So not being able to stand his breath any longer we decided the vet needed to take a look.

The news on Gus's mouth was not so great. They said that dachshund's are known for loosing their teeth and that Gus's teeth were so loose that they needed to extract 4-6 of them. They had become so loose that they were starting to decay and that was what the smell was....GROSS! So with that we made the appointment and took him this morning for his procedure. I got a call this afternoon that Gus was ready for pick up and with that I loaded everyone up and away we went to get poor Gus. When I arrived the vet stepped in to talk about what they had done. Everything went well except for they had to extract 9 teeth! POOR GUS, POOR TOOTHLESS GUS! So now we have Belle "the wonder dog" and Gus "the toothless wonder"!
Belle decided to help Gus out with some food and went into the kitchen. I heard some strange noises coming from there so I called her name. When she came to me I noticed her smacking her lips....and with that I jumped up, ran to the kitchen and saw the damage! Belle "the wonder dog" had lifted her 50 lb self up on the cabinet and had eaten 7....yes 7 cupcakes that I had made for the kids. She ate the cupcakes and the paper wrappers as well. I'm glad I caught her before she finished them all off!  I'm guessing it won't be  a good night for Belle and she will be spending a lot of time outside!

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