Friday, March 19, 2010


Every morning around here is pretty much the same.  Get the kids up, make kids breakfast, coffee, make bottle, get Andrew dressed and feed the dogs.  So every morning I fill both dog bowls with food and fresh water.  Belle always gobbles her food right away, but Gus....well he has the tendency to take his time.  Yesterday I was playing with Payton in the living room when Eli calls out for help.  He needed one of his games turned on and so I hopped up to help him.  I was only gone a matter of minutes but when I returned I found my beloved daughter right beside the dog bowls....again.  She had managed to crawl (quickly) to the kitchen and pour Gus's big bowl of food into his fresh bowl of water.   She had made herself a bowl of doggie soup and was very entertained!  She was not so entertained when I took it away!
Later that day I found her again at the dog bowl.  This time the food was gone, but the water was not.  She sure did have fun entertaining herself making a huge puddle in the middle of my floor.....this time I was the one who wasn't entertained!

She also managed to crawl in our bedroom and shut the door behind her.  I laughed to myself and tried to open the door......but she had her body blocking the door.  She was sitting with her back against the door playing with the door stop.  I waited a minute and finally got her to move.  I am afraid that I have a little mischievous girl on my hands.  She reminds me a lot of Andrew, just not as clumsy.

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