Saturday, January 30, 2010

A look at my week

This week has been a doozy. I guess you can tell since I didn't even make it to the computer this week. Jesse had a meeting in St. Louis this whole week and I was left here to fend for myself with the 3 kiddos. Not that they were bad, but it's a whole new world out there when you are doing it all on your own. So kudos to all you single moms out there....whew! For example this was a typical day last week:

6:45- get up, get kids up, make breakfast , (& coffee), dress kids and out the door by 7:25 to drop Andrew off at school.
7:50-Drop off Andrew and head back to the house for a few mins
8:00-feed Payton
8:30-leave to drop Eli off at school
9:00-drop Eli off and head to store for grocery's/errands
12:00-pick up Eli
12:15-12:30- feed Payton and Eli lunch
2:00-head to Andrew's school to sit in carpool
2:25-pick up Andrew and head back to the house
4:00-feed Payton
5:30-start supper
6:00-6:30-eat and clean up
7:00-bath time
7:30-read books
8:00-Bedtime/feed Payton and put her down for the night
from 8:30 till I fall asleep: fold clothes, get things ready for the next morning, and take a shower..........then start all over again.
Mix in the dentist appointments, bible study, stanley steemer, cleaning and picking up someone from the airport and you have a glimpse of my days this week.
I'm not whining, I'm just thankful for all that Jesse helps out with around here. It's times like these that open my eyes to see how blessed I am to have such a wonderful husband who loves me, our kids and helps out where needed...............even though he hasn't bought me a van yet ; ) I don't tell him enough how much he is appreciated! So, my challenge to each of you today is to tell your spouse how much you love them and appreciate them for everything they do!
On a side note: Eli said he wanted to get his girlfriend a baby for Valentine's Day.....

Sunday, January 24, 2010

All Things Potty

As I was digging through clothes to find something to wear, I noticed that Payton had woken from her nap. As always, after nap we change the diaper and so forth. Today I decided that I would bathe her before some of our friends arrived. So instead of putting a diaper back on her, I decided to head to the bath. Just then my thunderous boys came barreling through the living room screaming "the potty is broken", "the potty is broken". At this point Jesse starts in with the questions: "what did you guys do?" followed by "what did you guys flush down the potty?". They answered with one simple word, "soap". Jesse takes off down the stairs with the plunger and I head once again to the bath with Payton. Just then I feel a warm sensation down my left side and I squeal with shock...oh yes you guessed it, Payton peed on me. So not only did the "reds" flush a bar of soap that clogged the toilet, but sweet "P" or should I say "Pee", peed on me!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Conversation with Eli

Here is a conversation with Eli while driving in the car today.
Eli: "Mommy, do you not want me anymore"
Me:  "Yes Eli, I want you very much and I love you"
Eli:  "But I keep making messes and I don't clean them up"
Me:  "It's okay, that's part of growing up, you can try to do better at that tomorrow."
Eli:  "But I can't"
Me:  "Yes you can, you can always try to do better the next day"
Eli:  "No I can't because this is how God made me."

I had not response...he already knows how to wiggle out of work!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bikini's, Biscuits & Toliets

I know...what a crazy let me break it down.

Bikini: I bought Payton her first bikini the other day and put it on. Jesse thought it looked so cute, until the realization that she would someday wear one around boys. Needless to say, we got into a conversation about not buying bikini's. Poor Jesse, it's such a different world with a little girl. I have to admit, I totally view her different as well. I don't even like changing her diaper around men...whatever happened to the age of innocence?

Biscuits: I let Payton have her first teething biscuit tonight and boy did she enjoy herself. She had that mess all over her and the boys thought it was hilarious until she grabbed hold of them with her nasty hands. Then it became that Sissy had the plague. Oh and by the way..she is cutting TWO teeth now...yea me!

Toilets: I went into the guest bathroom today only to notice a half eaten popcorn ball (left by my boys) in the trash. So I thought it would be a good idea to take out the trash. When I lifted the bag out of the can I noticed a not so small wad (maybe the size of a bowling ball) of wet toilet paper in the bottom of the bag. Upon further inspection....I also noticed the puddle of water, wet plunger and empty toilet paper holder. Two things: First, I am proud that they have finally learned how to unclog the toilet. Second, seriously do we have to still have the conversation that the toilet paper is not a toy and we do not need to put the whole roll in the potty to see if it will flush! At least we didn't have to call that plumber that's on retainer!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Throw Back Hard Head

A few of you know that a couple of weeks ago I was reconnected with the doctor that saved my life. Such a surreal moment to realize that all that stood between life and death (besides the big know God), was some guy that decided to come back from vacation early. Anyways, talking with him brought back a lot of memories. Some random thoughts have been swirling around my brain in the last few weeks. Some funny, some serious, and some life changing. I am so thankful that God granted me more years...look at all the fun I would have missed.
So I thought today that I would share one of the funny moments with you. Here is my story about how my hard head nearly got me into a lot of trouble.
It was coming up on the 3rd week of me being in the ICU. My nurse Tonya had been working with me on verbal squeeze my hand, wiggle your toes and so on. Please remember that at this point I was still in my "medically induced" coma and still on the ventilator. It was time that I either come off the ventilator or get a tracheotomy. All I had to do was perform these commands for the doctors to show them I was ready to breath on my on. On this day the doctors and docs in training came in and gave me the commands to which I did not respond. Over and over again they told me to squeeze their hand, wiggle my toes, and I did nothing. As they were writing the order for my tracheotomy (where they cut a hole in your neck and put the breathing tube there), my nurse ask if she could try. She explained that I had always responded to her and she didn't understand why I was having trouble that day. So she gave me the commands and I responded and did everything she asked.
Later that day after I had been weaned off the coma drugs and had my ventilator removed my mom and nurse asked me why I didn't respond to the which I replied, "they didn't ask nicely". How's that for a hard head. I almost got my throat cut open because "they didn't ask nicely".........I wonder where my kids get it from?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Broken Heart and Cheesepuffs

Some days I am so overwhelmed by the amount of love I have for my kids. As I sit here to write this I can hear Payton making her sweet squeals as she plays and see Eli sitting on the couch with his Linus blanket and strawberry milk. Such simple things that make my heart swell. It's hard for me to imagine that God loves us more! My heart was crushed this week as Andrew came home from school crying for the first time....broken hearted! It was all I could do to fight back the tears myself. Nothing major, but here's what happened:
His class was doing a project where they take a sticker out of a bag and write a story about it. The teacher told each child to take only one sticker out of the bag....when it was Andrew's turn apparently he got carried away and took more than one sticker (okay it was more like 27 stickers but who's counting). One of his friends told on him and that's when the drama unfolded. He was so upset that he had done something wrong and that the teacher was a little upset at him and someone told on him. He got in the car just sobbing. I knew he should have listened to the teacher, but it still broke my heart to see him so upset. He would never want his teacher to be upset with him or think that he was bad. So we went to the store and bought 4 packs of stickers to right his wrong then he went back to school the next day, apologized and gave his teacher the stickers. I am so proud of my little boy. He is so tender hearted and I never want that to change. BTW...his teacher was never mad at him, he just thought she was and knew he had messed up.
Now onto Payton....well the baby food denial has continued. So I give...yesterday I gave her some banana, carrots, potatoes and 2 cheese puffs. She LOVED it! She was grabbing my hand and crunching down on the cheese puffs and trying to stuff the whole thing in her was quite entertaining! She is 6 months today and I can't believe how the time has flown! Why must they grow up so fast?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Baby Food

I have tried for a month now to get Payton to eat baby food or cereal.......she refuses. She won't even open her mouth. I have been force feeding her to get her to even try or to learn to eat with a spoon. However, the other night I let her try a little of my homemade potato soup and I couldn't get it in her mouth fast enough. She went from never opening her mouth to a little bird! Yesterday at lunch I was trying yet again baby beans and bananas. The bananas she liked, green beans were not a winner. I had to put my hamburger up to her mouth to get her to open and I would sneak a spoonful of green beans in. After 2 or 3 goes at it she caught onto my plan. I'm sure the doctor will be so glad to see that she is already eating table food...OH well!
As for the boys, this week has been catch up week. They are so tired and worn down from being out of school last week for snow. A few more days and they should get back into the swing of things. Eli announced this morning that he did not feel good. He said his tummy hurt, about 30 min's after that it turned into his throat and now his feet. When I told him I would have to cut his feet off to make him feel better he then said..."My feet don't hurt anymore, something else does...and I can't tell you what". So being the great mom (that feeds her 6 mth old table food), I let him stay home. LOOK at all the great things I am teaching my kids!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Flour and Sugar

Yesterday evening we dedicated Payton at church. It's always a little surreal to realize how God in trust us with raising this little person. I say all this while she is sitting in my lap eating popcorn at 6 months of age. Everyone is definitely right....the third one is different! What an amazing child she is turning out to be and so many wonderful things to experience with her. I truly feel blessed to be a mother of three extraordinary entertaining kids.
I don't have any new stories to share today so I thought I would share my most favorite thing the Red's have ever done! So hear it is.....The flour and sugar story!
Feb 15, 2007
I keep my flour and sugar in big tupperware containers so I can keep everything in bulk. I had just been grocery shopping a few days before so everything was stocked up and the containers were full. On this particular day in Feb, my sweet darling boys decided that it would be a good idea to make snow angels.......on my hardwood floors. So while I was in the other room my 2 & 3 year old decided to go in the pantry pull down these full containers of flour and sugar and dump them out in the middle of the living room floor. Trust me, this was a big enough mess, but they then decided to make their snow angels and play with their tractors in it. It took me hours to sweep, vacuum and mop the floors.................needless to say we have child proof locks on our pantry now.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

On Any Given Day

Well, this is the beginning of the Richardson blog...something that has been requested for some time now. This house is always very entertaining (especially to me). Jesse (my husband) and I have been married for 10 years coming up on July 8th and we have 3 kiddos....Andrew (5), Eli (4) and Payton (6 mths). What you can expect to read are stories that happen or have happened to us.
On any given day around the Richardson household you might run into Batman, Robin, Indiana Jones, Ninja Turtle (the red one w/forks as Eli calls it), Spider Man or a Hunter. Needless to say "the red's" (as we refer to them) like to dress up. You might also have to step over or clean syrup off of furniture or kids, sugar or flour off the floor, numerous spices out of hair, paint off walls, glue off of mounted animals or soap out of the carpet. Or you might see two naked Indians running through the yard, peeing off the porch, a kids trying to sky dive, or a plumbers van parked in the driveway because we keep him on retainer. That is just the boys....I don't think we need to get into Jesse right now. Things you might hear around here will be some funny stories.......funny sayings and more often than not, noises that come from the body!
I love my life and I love my family! They are a perfect fit for me and I enjoy laughing everyday at the craziness around here. I hope you guys will enjoy the stories to come and laugh along with me. There should be some interesting things coming up...Payton is 6 months now and is showing great potential to be just as entertaining as the Red's. And....there is always a story about stayed tuned!
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