Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Baby Food

I have tried for a month now to get Payton to eat baby food or cereal.......she refuses. She won't even open her mouth. I have been force feeding her to get her to even try or to learn to eat with a spoon. However, the other night I let her try a little of my homemade potato soup and I couldn't get it in her mouth fast enough. She went from never opening her mouth to a little bird! Yesterday at lunch I was trying yet again baby beans and bananas. The bananas she liked, green beans were not a winner. I had to put my hamburger up to her mouth to get her to open and I would sneak a spoonful of green beans in. After 2 or 3 goes at it she caught onto my plan. I'm sure the doctor will be so glad to see that she is already eating table food...OH well!
As for the boys, this week has been catch up week. They are so tired and worn down from being out of school last week for snow. A few more days and they should get back into the swing of things. Eli announced this morning that he did not feel good. He said his tummy hurt, about 30 min's after that it turned into his throat and now his feet. When I told him I would have to cut his feet off to make him feel better he then said..."My feet don't hurt anymore, something else does...and I can't tell you what". So being the great mom (that feeds her 6 mth old table food), I let him stay home. LOOK at all the great things I am teaching my kids!

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