Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bikini's, Biscuits & Toliets

I know...what a crazy let me break it down.

Bikini: I bought Payton her first bikini the other day and put it on. Jesse thought it looked so cute, until the realization that she would someday wear one around boys. Needless to say, we got into a conversation about not buying bikini's. Poor Jesse, it's such a different world with a little girl. I have to admit, I totally view her different as well. I don't even like changing her diaper around men...whatever happened to the age of innocence?

Biscuits: I let Payton have her first teething biscuit tonight and boy did she enjoy herself. She had that mess all over her and the boys thought it was hilarious until she grabbed hold of them with her nasty hands. Then it became that Sissy had the plague. Oh and by the way..she is cutting TWO teeth now...yea me!

Toilets: I went into the guest bathroom today only to notice a half eaten popcorn ball (left by my boys) in the trash. So I thought it would be a good idea to take out the trash. When I lifted the bag out of the can I noticed a not so small wad (maybe the size of a bowling ball) of wet toilet paper in the bottom of the bag. Upon further inspection....I also noticed the puddle of water, wet plunger and empty toilet paper holder. Two things: First, I am proud that they have finally learned how to unclog the toilet. Second, seriously do we have to still have the conversation that the toilet paper is not a toy and we do not need to put the whole roll in the potty to see if it will flush! At least we didn't have to call that plumber that's on retainer!

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