Monday, January 18, 2010

Throw Back Hard Head

A few of you know that a couple of weeks ago I was reconnected with the doctor that saved my life. Such a surreal moment to realize that all that stood between life and death (besides the big know God), was some guy that decided to come back from vacation early. Anyways, talking with him brought back a lot of memories. Some random thoughts have been swirling around my brain in the last few weeks. Some funny, some serious, and some life changing. I am so thankful that God granted me more years...look at all the fun I would have missed.
So I thought today that I would share one of the funny moments with you. Here is my story about how my hard head nearly got me into a lot of trouble.
It was coming up on the 3rd week of me being in the ICU. My nurse Tonya had been working with me on verbal squeeze my hand, wiggle your toes and so on. Please remember that at this point I was still in my "medically induced" coma and still on the ventilator. It was time that I either come off the ventilator or get a tracheotomy. All I had to do was perform these commands for the doctors to show them I was ready to breath on my on. On this day the doctors and docs in training came in and gave me the commands to which I did not respond. Over and over again they told me to squeeze their hand, wiggle my toes, and I did nothing. As they were writing the order for my tracheotomy (where they cut a hole in your neck and put the breathing tube there), my nurse ask if she could try. She explained that I had always responded to her and she didn't understand why I was having trouble that day. So she gave me the commands and I responded and did everything she asked.
Later that day after I had been weaned off the coma drugs and had my ventilator removed my mom and nurse asked me why I didn't respond to the which I replied, "they didn't ask nicely". How's that for a hard head. I almost got my throat cut open because "they didn't ask nicely".........I wonder where my kids get it from?

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