Sunday, January 24, 2010

All Things Potty

As I was digging through clothes to find something to wear, I noticed that Payton had woken from her nap. As always, after nap we change the diaper and so forth. Today I decided that I would bathe her before some of our friends arrived. So instead of putting a diaper back on her, I decided to head to the bath. Just then my thunderous boys came barreling through the living room screaming "the potty is broken", "the potty is broken". At this point Jesse starts in with the questions: "what did you guys do?" followed by "what did you guys flush down the potty?". They answered with one simple word, "soap". Jesse takes off down the stairs with the plunger and I head once again to the bath with Payton. Just then I feel a warm sensation down my left side and I squeal with shock...oh yes you guessed it, Payton peed on me. So not only did the "reds" flush a bar of soap that clogged the toilet, but sweet "P" or should I say "Pee", peed on me!

1 comment:

  1. good thing you've got that plumber on retainer! what is the obsession with putting stuff in the potty i wonder?! must be a boy thing!


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