Saturday, January 9, 2010

On Any Given Day

Well, this is the beginning of the Richardson blog...something that has been requested for some time now. This house is always very entertaining (especially to me). Jesse (my husband) and I have been married for 10 years coming up on July 8th and we have 3 kiddos....Andrew (5), Eli (4) and Payton (6 mths). What you can expect to read are stories that happen or have happened to us.
On any given day around the Richardson household you might run into Batman, Robin, Indiana Jones, Ninja Turtle (the red one w/forks as Eli calls it), Spider Man or a Hunter. Needless to say "the red's" (as we refer to them) like to dress up. You might also have to step over or clean syrup off of furniture or kids, sugar or flour off the floor, numerous spices out of hair, paint off walls, glue off of mounted animals or soap out of the carpet. Or you might see two naked Indians running through the yard, peeing off the porch, a kids trying to sky dive, or a plumbers van parked in the driveway because we keep him on retainer. That is just the boys....I don't think we need to get into Jesse right now. Things you might hear around here will be some funny stories.......funny sayings and more often than not, noises that come from the body!
I love my life and I love my family! They are a perfect fit for me and I enjoy laughing everyday at the craziness around here. I hope you guys will enjoy the stories to come and laugh along with me. There should be some interesting things coming up...Payton is 6 months now and is showing great potential to be just as entertaining as the Red's. And....there is always a story about stayed tuned!

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