Sunday, January 10, 2010

Flour and Sugar

Yesterday evening we dedicated Payton at church. It's always a little surreal to realize how God in trust us with raising this little person. I say all this while she is sitting in my lap eating popcorn at 6 months of age. Everyone is definitely right....the third one is different! What an amazing child she is turning out to be and so many wonderful things to experience with her. I truly feel blessed to be a mother of three extraordinary entertaining kids.
I don't have any new stories to share today so I thought I would share my most favorite thing the Red's have ever done! So hear it is.....The flour and sugar story!
Feb 15, 2007
I keep my flour and sugar in big tupperware containers so I can keep everything in bulk. I had just been grocery shopping a few days before so everything was stocked up and the containers were full. On this particular day in Feb, my sweet darling boys decided that it would be a good idea to make snow angels.......on my hardwood floors. So while I was in the other room my 2 & 3 year old decided to go in the pantry pull down these full containers of flour and sugar and dump them out in the middle of the living room floor. Trust me, this was a big enough mess, but they then decided to make their snow angels and play with their tractors in it. It took me hours to sweep, vacuum and mop the floors.................needless to say we have child proof locks on our pantry now.

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