Sarge is Cooking!

Do You Smell What the Sarge is Cooking?
(Sorry I had to)
All right, here's the deal....
I LOVE to cook and I love to EAT....but the most important thing to me is making people HAPPY with my food!  There is nothing better than a good meal to warm the soul! So,  I thought I'd share some of my favorite recipes with you guys from time to time so you could enjoy them as well!
I am not a creator....I do not just sit around and think of new recipes to invent...NOPE....instead I have honed my skills in seeking out and tweaking recipes that fit my fancy.  Most of the recipes on here will be recipes I've gotten from friends, from relatives, or found myself.  They will all have a little bit of "my" twist on them.
I am from you can expect a lot of southern style (not so healthy) cooking!
To find my recipes go to the side bar and look for my "Categories"....There you will see a link to "My Recipes". 
Hope you all enjoy and Happy Eating!

Here's the Recipes:
1.  Chili
2.  Pecan Pie
3.  Chicken Parmesan
4.  Taco Soup
5.  Chicken & Dumplings
6.  Banana Bread
7.  Meat Loaf Balls
8.  Shrimp & Pasta in Foil Wrap
9.  Home Made Macaroni and Cheese
10.  Loaded Potato Soup:
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