Monday, March 21, 2011

Would You Be Sad?

This weekend we had a pretty intense conversation with the Red's regarding death.  There was a the fact they have had questions of their own.  What spurred it on was playing baseball.  They were throwing the ball up in the air and hitting the ball, which is great, but they weren't paying attention to their surroundings!
 A few years back there was an accident up at our local ball field involving a bat that was swung and hit a kid in the chest resulting in that child dying.  So we sat the Red's down and talked about "bat safety" and I told them the story above.  Not to scare them but to make them aware that bats are not toys and they can hurt someone.  (Sorry if you don't agree with my method, but I'd rather not live through what the other parents lived through).

They seemed to get the point and were more cautious the rest of the afternoon. 
The next day Jesse was driving the Red's somewhere and here's the conversation that took place:

Eli:  "Andrew, would you be so sad if I died?"
Andrew....not looking up from his DS answers: "No, I'd just play with your toys"
Eli not missing a beat replies: "Well if you died I'd just play with YOUR toys"

UM.....I think they missed the point!

On a complete seperate note.....The Sarge is MOVING!!!!  The Sarge of 4 will soon be moving to a new site!  When everything is up and running I will make sure to let everyone know the new web address!  As always, Thanks for reading!
The Sarge

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