Monday, March 14, 2011

How To Get Things Done

You could say that I am the smartest woman on earth......or the biggest klutz on earth, but I'm leaning more toward the beginning part of this sentence.

On Saturday I began cleaning the house like a mad woman, all the nook and crannies.  Not sure why, but I just started finding "spots" that I didn't like so one thing led to the next.  My eyes landed on my kitchen sink faucet and to a nastiness that had taken up residence between the faucet handle and the base.  So I got my heavy duty cleaners out and began scrubbing.  Not satisfied that I couldn't get to it all, I made the decision to unscrew the faucet handle and really give it a good scrubbing.
However, when I unscrewed the handle it just popped off.  Upon further inspection I realized that I had just broken a key piece in this faucet...*OOPS*! 
I am well known for my "accidents" around the house, so I called Jesse (cause he was out playing) and told him this:  "Hi know when I decide to do something that I have good intentions for and somehow I end up making a mess of things.......well....I broke the kitchen you'll need to stop by Lowe's and pick up a new one.....and install it today....okay, love you, bye".
I could hear him chuckling on the other end of the phone, because he thinks my "accidents" are quite funny.  Just like the 3 different times I knocked the mail box over while mowing (yes, I mow, I like to gives me a good base tan for the summer...and yes I wear sunscreen)!
Later that afternoon in walks Jesse with my new faucet!  He pulls out his plumbing box and gets his plumber pants on (that's code for butt crack) and gets to work.  After a few minutes I had my new and improved faucet installed and ready to go.
He's not mad...this is just his "tough guy" face : )
Eli wanted to help with the installation! you believe that I am a klutz and break things on "accident" or would you like to believe I know how to get things done.
Somehow I have a feeling that my stove, and bathroom tile might be subject to my "accidents" real soon.  I'm even thinking of letting Sissy Lou and the Red's in on the action to have some "accidents" of their own with the walls....they sure do need to be painted again.....
Those honey do list are too boring....try to liven it up a little and have a few "accidents" on your own ; )

I really am the biggest klutz...I just had to make myself look smarter than I really am :)

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