Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Go and See It!

The other night we had a "go and see it" with the Cub Scouts...oh wait....Tiger Scouts now...oops.  This glorified field trip was to Wave 3 News (our local news station) for the little tigers to see how the news is made.  Curious myself (and hoping to run into the weather guys) I decided to join in...guess I should explain the weather thing..I follow the weather religiously and it drives Jesse nuts!  I read the weather blogs, and watch the weather channel and even have the weather guys at Wave 3 as friends on facebook...yes I know it's crazy weird, but that's me!
Anyways, back to the "go and see it".  The whole family loaded up and headed downtown to meet the other scouts. We piled into the news station and were given a guided tour.  I guess I didn't realize that they would actually be doing the news at the time we were there so the fears of what the Red's would do didn't start until we arrived. 

The first room we entered was the control room with lots and lots of buttons. Andrew was standing in front of me, but Eli was becoming elusive and freaking me out a little.  I could only imagine him pushing some important button and shutting the whole place down.  Sissy Lou was in my arms and kept saying "down, down" and I kept saying "no, no"...that's all I needed!
Next up was a series of not so important rooms that led to the "important" room....where the news takes place.  Cameras, wires, news casters, were everywhere and there we all stood in the corner grasping our 6 year old scouts mouths as they filmed the news.  They went on break and I see where Andrew was standing.......out front and center of the news casters desk as the news man talked to the scouts. 
It was then that I noticed where Andrew's finger was...UP HIS NOSE....digging out some of that precious gold!  Then he does the absolutely most unthinkable front of the news guys...HE EATS IT!!!  MORTIFIED....I slipped to the back and hid and let Jesse take the looks. 
Hey, it could have been worse....the cameras could have been on Andrew!

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