Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My little Hoarder

Over the past few months I have watched my daughter evolve into a hoarder. It all started when I was taking her jammers off one morning and found 3 whole cookies in the foot of the pj's.  Guess she was saving them for later?
The next week I was changing her diaper and found about 5 Lego's stuffed into the top of her diaper.
From there the trend continued and I have found countless toys, & food items shoved in her diaper or clothing.  Like fruit loops, doll clothes, &money (which I can totally understand...since she doesn't have a bra to shove it in).
This morning I witnessed the phenomenon first hand.  Anytime she sees me use tape she thinks it's a sticker (which she calls "pretties" ).  She held out her hands said pretty and so I put a piece of tape on each hand.  She then pulls the tape off and shoves it down her diaper!  This leaves me a little baffled!
I would love to know what she is thinking.....I do throw those diapers out, so the point of saving for later is kind of obsolete.  Either way, it sure is funny!

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