Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Eli's kindergarten class will be attending the Ballet tomorrow for their field trip.  They were suppose to go in December to see the Nutcracker but we got snowed out.  So to make up for that missed trip they will now be seeing Coppelia.
I have assigned myself as a chaperon for this trip and I have to say I am pretty excited. 
I had the most awesome experience to perform with the Alabama ballet in the Merry Widow Opera when I was in College.  Singing wise...not dancing and background at that, but it still was so amazing to be part of such an amazing production.  I had a wig, costume and a "short" dancing scene with a lead character *gasp*!  Here's just a quick peek at what my outfit looked like...wig, makeup and ballgown.  Scene was set for Paris early 1900's.
This totally isn't what this blog was about, but I digressed!  Any who....Eli is so excited and the ballet has been all he could talk about since he got home from school.  He even helped me pick out his "handsome" outfit to wear and then questioned me on my attire.  So I let him also help and meet his approval with what I am going to be wearing.  At first he didn't like what I had picked and asked me if I had a princess dress to wear : )
Then he looks at my shoes and notices a pair flats that resemble ballet shoes (I guess).  He picked them up with such excitement and said "Mom, this is what the ballet people wear". 
From there he followed me from room to room explaining things about the ballet to me *chuckle* was very cute and amusing.  They have really been discussing this a lot in class so they would know what to expect.
Next he started with the ballet dance moves and had to show me each one.  He jumped up in the air and turned around and said "see mom, they do the Mario move".  It was then that he said it....what every Mother/ wants to hear......
"Mom, am I the best ballet dancer you've ever seen?"
So I swallowed my pride and answered: "yes son,.......just don't tell your daddy".  ; )
So here he is my handsome ballet dancer:
Up on his toes and everything! Hopefully I'll get a story out of this field trip tomorrow! 


  1. I love it!!! So cute!!! Both you and him!!!

  2. Love the pointed toe! And he'll love this picture in the montage for his rehearsal dinner!

  3. He woke us up this morning bright and early asking if it was time to go.....I'll post pics later!

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