Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sissy Lou...The Artist!

Sissy Lou returned to her regular self last night.  Guess she thought life had gotten a little boring around the house so she had to liven it up a little.
Andrew came running down the hall saying "mom, look what Sissy had" as he held up a black (non-washable) marker.  Then I see Sissy Lou herself toddling in the room with her legs and toe nails painted black.  I jumped up and headed down the hall to see what else she might have colored.  I have already had to repaint this hallway once because Andrew colored green circle down it when he was 2.
When I got down there I saw that Sissy Lou stayed away from the walls and instead colored my hardwoods black. 
I was thinking, no big deal, just get a rag and wipe it up....yea, it wasn't that simple and my magic erasers had disappeared (or I had used them all...I keep them in bulk).  So I went to the next best thing....409!  It took it right up...except on Sissy Lou who I scrubbed in the shower later. 
While I was hard at work scrubbing my hardwoods brown again, Sissy Lou ventured into the kitchen where she opened a drawer and fished around until she found something that felt good. All of a sudden I hear this load beeping and I take off running.  Sissy Lou had activated our alarm system with the remote control!
I didn't have much time so when I grabbed the remote from Sissy I hit the off button and prayed I wasn't too late.  It was then that I felt something slimy all over my hands......VASELINE!  I had a small tube of Vaseline stored in that drawer for when Andrew gets a nose bleed (which is often).  She had it smeared up her legs, arms, floor, remote control, and key rings....hey, at least it helped the marker come off a little easier!
That girl is busy, busy, busy!  Please pray for me!!!!!! : )

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