Thursday, March 10, 2011

Eli... My Little Stinker!

The other day while picking the Red's up from school, one of the teachers wondered over to me and said "I have a story for you".
With a *sigh*, I said, "alright, let's hear it".

Laughing a bit she tells me that While in class that day Eli was a bit squirrely and so she had him some and sit on the floor in front of the class with two others that had gotten in trouble.
After a few minutes passed, she walked up to the first two students and asked them if they were ready for their second chase.  They both looked at her and said "yes". 
Then she made her way over to Eli and asked him if he was ready for his second chance.  Eli looked up at her and said "no, not yet".
She said it completely took her by surprise and she had to turn her head so she could laugh.
Guess you never know what Eli might say.....little stinker!

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