Monday, March 7, 2011

Eli at the Ballet Coppelia

Just an update to the Ballet Coppelia field trip with Eli's class.

Eli was so excited that he woke up himself bright and early and came and asked if he could get dressed.  So I got up and fixed his breakfast and then we assembled him nicely in his "handsome" clothes.
Then he asked if he looked like his daddy...too sweet!  Since he looked so handsome and dressed like his daddy, they wanted a picture taken together....both in their ties!
Sissy Lou saw the camera and came running....and had to have a picture too with Mr. Handsome.
Andrew was feeling a little left out so he jumped in for his picture moment as well!

I sent Eli on to school and told him I'd meet him at the Ballet later that day. 
When I arrived at the Fine Arts Center downtown, I walked out to meet the buses as they pulled up.  Out poured kids and I was handed the four that I would man for the day...3 boys and 1 girl. 
We marched inside in a straight line and headed straight for our seats.  Once seated we began our wait of 30 minutes until all the other schools loaded in.  By this time my rowdy boys were getting anxious and wiggling a lot!  One even told me that if they didn't start soon that he would be leaving. So of course I asked "how exactly are you going to get back to the school?", and with that he looks at me and says "on the bus" (Why didn't I think of that?) HA! 
Then it was time, time for the Ballet to begin and the roars of the children could probably be heard for a mile!  They were whooping and hollering and so excited!
I have to say, the Ballet Coppelia was very entertaining and captivated everyone in the room!  Eli even wants to go back and see the whole production.  We only saw Act II. 
Eli did decide that while he likes to watch the ballet (the girls in short skirts and tight, tight, tights) he would not like to be in the ballet....WHEW...close one!
However, I think he will be my artsy fartsy child...and I LOVE that!  He loves to sing and least I might have a chance of one of my children doing what I love to do....maybe......
This past weekend I sang at our church and the Red's were asking me why I did that and if it was hard.  I told them that I sang because that is the gift God had given me and I needed to use my gift to serve Him.  When I said that Andrew responded: "What's my gift?", and I told him that would be something he needed to figure out.  He then told me that he hoped God gave him the gift of being a scientist?
Eli got up and was walking off when he said "I want God to give me the gift of being a transformer". 
So maybe I will hold out hope a little longer for my little artist to appear ; )

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