Friday, March 4, 2011

The Dumper Is Back.......

Wow, it's been so long since I've reported a dumping story that I thought the phase had passed....guess not! 
Yesterday after returning home from picking the kids up from school, I sat down to do some "catch up" work. 
After school it is always snack time around here so I let them choose their poison and locked the pantry.  The reason I locked it is because I had bought some fruit snacks for the kids and they have become Sissy Lou's new obsession causing her to frequent the pantry.  Then I got busy with my "work" (that's code for ebay selling....I'm a little addicted at this present moment of selling Sissy's clothing....okay, okay, and buying too).
Later that afternoon Jesse arrived home from work and for some strange reason UNLOCKED the pantry leaving it vulnerable to my innocent yet rather sneaky, fruit snack addict.
Then I heard something...wasn't sure what it was, but knew I shouldn't be hearing it.  So I hopped up, ran to the kitchen only to find this:
That is a whole bag of cornmeal that now graces my floor with it's presence. 
And this is my little angel who was so extremely proud of herself!
At least I caught her before it became a mixture of flour and sugar ; )

Seriously, does anyone else have kids that dump as much stuff as my kids do?  And why must all three of mine be dumpers?  I need answers...if we were to have another, would that child be a dumper also?  And yes I am well aware of the underlining humor in my statements.....I'm just trying to type "dumpers" as many times as possible!Stay tuned for the next story.......

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