Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Cut Shirt

Okay, I have to be really careful typing shirt over and over!

Yesterday while sitting in the carpool line at school, I was greeted by the art teacher who came to my car.  She wanted to tell me what had happened that day in art class with Eli.  She said that she had introduced scissors to the class and they were cutting out shapes and gluing them on a collage.  Eli is no stranger to scissors.  He was in pre-school last year and he has scissors at home (which I have confiscated because he likes to cut bags of chips open).

She went on to tell me that Eli did a great job with cutting out his shapes and she gave him much praises for this.  However, when she turned her back to help with the other children Eli decided he was bored with cutting shapes from the paper and moved on to his shirt.   I was thinking that it was no big deal, maybe a little slit in the bottom of the shirt.  Only when I turned to see Eli sitting there in his seat I noticed his belly showing.  Yea, it wasn't just a little cut...it was a GAPING HOLE!  He's an artist, what can I say?

So, Eli got his first note home yesterday for his actions that I had to sign and return so it could be put in his permanent folder.  It's going to be an interesting year!

Eli and The Busted Lip

Once upon a time there was a little boy named Eli.  Eli was a very active boy who loved to play.  He would play anywhere he could.  In his house, outside, at school and even in the bathtub.  Eli's mommy and daddy warned Eli about playing in the bathtub though because it could be very dangerous.  Sometimes Eli didn't listen and would play in the bathtub anyways. 
One night after Eli and his brother Andrew were done with their bath they decided to play in the tub.  Eli's mommy came into the bathroom and told them that they were going to get hurt if they played in the tub.  She then got Andrew out of the tub and started drying him off.  Next it was Eli's turn, but before his mommy could get him out he had decided to do a funny trick.  When Eli started acting silly to do his trick he slipped and fell.  Eli hit the side of the tub with his mouth and busted his lip.  It hurt really really bad and he cried and cried.  Eli's mommy could tell that his tooth had gone all the way through his lip and she knew she had to take him to the doctor.  Eli was very sad because he thought he was going to have to get stitches.
Eli didn't understand why his mommy couldn't go to the doctor store and buy stitches and do the job herself.  After seeing the doctor though he found out that he didn't have to get any stitches.  He was very happy about this!
Eli decided after busting his lip that he wouldn't play in the bathtub anymore.......until the next night at least!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Little Miss Swiss Miss

Sometimes there is nothing better than sitting outside on a crisp fall day and drinking some hot coco.  What's there not to love about hot chocolate?  The name says it all.....chocolate!  My daughter seems to feel the same way, but she likes her hot chocolate a little different......dry!
The other day she got into the stuff in my lazy susan.  I had a box of hot chocolate mix down there and she decided that she wanted some.  She ripped the box open and then tore the packet of mix with her teeth.  She then covered herself from head to toe in coco, sugar and marshmallow. 
What can I say....the girl needed her chocolate fix....and who am I to stand in the way of a chocolate fix.
 And yes, that is a marshmallow stuck up her nose!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mr. Elmer...the glue

They're BACK....The Red's are back....feeling 100% back...and ready for TROUBLE!

Yesterday evening I was trying my hardest to get everything done....you know...dishes from supper, baths for kids, getting clothes set out for the next day.  After supper things get a little crazy around here.  Anyways, as I was walking from the bedroom to the kitchen I see Eli dart and scamper around the corner.  I know my kids well....so I follow to find him, knowing he has done something or has gotten something he wasn't suppose to (a.k.a. Candy).  I called out for him and he stepped out into the hallway.  I asked what he had in his hands that were behind his back and he pulls out a HUGE bottle of Elmer's glue.  My heart skipped a quick beat and a little panicked I said "Eli, what did you do?".  With that he walks over and points to the fridge:
Eli has a girlfriend "Macy" who he adores.  They have been an item for a couple of years now and his eye has not strayed.  At Christmas, Macy's family had sent us a Christmas card and Eli confiscated it.  He has kept that card with her picture on it this whole time.  I didn't realize he still had it until I saw it GLUED to my fridge!!!  Yep...GLUED!  He couldn't have asked for a magnet or even tape...nope, he used GLUE!
So I chuckled under my breath and made him clean it off (which surprisingly he is very good at).  I get back to work trying my best to get everything ready for the next morning when I pass by Jesse's shoes in the hall way.  Upon walking in the door everyday, Jesse kicks off his dress shoes and leaves them by the back door.  I just happened to see a familiar white substance puddled inside the shoe. 
Again, my heart skipped a beat and I called for Eli. 
I asked "Eli, did you put glue inside daddy's shoes?".  He said "yeah"....like no big deal mom.  So I engage him more..."Eli, why did you put glue in daddy's shoes?".  He looked up at me with these big puppy dog eyes and said "because I didn't want daddy to go to work".  Yeah, I couldn't punish him after that line!  Little Weasel!
 I sent him on his way and started cleaning up the glue in the shoe...then I lifted up the shoe to get inside it.  This is when I just laughed out loud! 
 He had glued the shoes to the floor...he really didn't want his daddy going to work...that or he just played the best prank EVER!
After cleaning up ALL the glue I went into the boys room and said "Eli, is there anything else that you glued today?".....and with his simplicity he answers "yeah, right there"  and points to his wall.  He glued his picture that he had made in school to the wall! 

So now,  Elmer the glue has joined his buddy super glue in his hiding place, never to be seen or found until they have both dried up!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I know that the last few post have been about Payton, but the Red's have been down and out.  They both had a fever virus last week and so they haven't gotten into trouble!  Payton on the other hand has been filling their shoes quite nicely.

Right on the heels of the fever virus, Eli also caught the stomach bug that has been going around.  So the other night he started throwing up like crazy plus another fever.  He was really hurting and crashed out on the couch.  Jesse got him something to drink and decided to put it in one of Payton's sippy cups so he could just lay there with it. 
Payton had followed Jesse into the kitchen and saw him with the sippy cup in his hand.  Then she saw him fill it up.  Pure joy filled her soul and she started smiling, dancing around and holding her hands in the air grabbing for it.  Jesse walked right past her and handed the drink to Eli.  When this happened Payton's world collapsed.  Her face immediately turned from the happy smiling baby to mouth open wide, tears streaming and a flop to the floor.  She then collected herself and ran over to the couch where Eli was lying (sick as a dog) and got as close as she could to him.  Then she started yelling at him....right in his face....and trying to steal his sippy cup.  She was relentless in her pursuit.  She pulled herself up on the couch and tried to dive bomb him.  Try to imagine Eli just passed out and Sissy in his face screaming AAHHHH, AAAHHHHH, AAAHHHHHH!!!!  After getting her another sippy cup she finally calmed down, but she still wasn't happy that Eli had one of her cups.  Little Stinker!

And just to let you all know.......we had to call poison control for Payton again the other night.....this time it was sun screen.  She was fine, but the bottle said to call if ingested...so we called....again!  This makes #4!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Boss

Let me just say that just because Payton is the youngest in the house does not mean that she is not the most dominant.  At thirteen months of age she knows how to RUN THE SHOW and has the Red's figured out! 
She seems to know how to place herself in the Queen Bee position!  The Red's eat it up though!
And already has them having  tea parties with her
She knows she has them under HER control!
So the other day Payton, Andrew, Jesse and I were all just sitting around.  Payton was trying to get into something (again) and I told her "No Sissy".  Whenever she hears the word "no" she immediately (just like a girl) turns and runs away crying and throws herself face down onto the floor. I can't blame her, I don't like to hear the word "no" either....especially from Jesse when I want to buy something.  Maybe she has watched me too many times throwing myself in the floor crying ; )  Can anyone say "DRAMA"! 
Nothing different about this time, she turned, ran and put her face in the pillows and started crying.  Andrew starts laughing because it is quite funny to watch.  When she sees that Andrew is laughing at her she jumps up and runs to him as fast as her little legs can carry her.  When she gets to him, she rares back and pops him on the head.  She was going to show him who was boss...and you never laugh at the boss!  Again, I say "no, no Sissy", then just like before the show continues.......she runs away crying, throws herself face down in the pillows again and sobs.  Again, Andrew laughs....and again she runs at him and POPS him on the head.  I know we are suppose to be good parents and not laugh at these situations because it only shows her that it's okay to hit......but THAT WAS FUNNY!  We all laughed....of course trying not too....but sometimes the laughter just takes over your body and you have no control.  It's kind of like getting tickled about something in church.  You know you can't laugh, but that makes you want to laugh even harder.
It doesn't matter how many times Payton smacks Andrew, he loves her so much and thinks she hung the moon!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Germs, Germs, Everywhere!

AAAHHHH.......We are infested with Germs!!!!  The Red's are both sick with something that looks a lot like strep (although they tested negative).  I am washing myself in purell hourly and scrubbing my house in Lysol!  I hate feeling that something is going to get me!
In the middle of the night Andrew's fever reached  nearly 103 and while he was in a half stupor/half asleep he started saying weird stuff....like "my teacher has a frog in her throat".  I know he is sick, but that made me laugh!

 While the boys are sick Payton has been keeping herself busy.  It's like she senses my weakness and attacks. I've been a little busy with the Red's.  She got into the bathroom cabinets again and squeezed a whole bottle of lotion onto the floor and smeared it all around:

Oh and I would like to update my previous post.....my package finally got delievered to me!  This would be the one that they lost and said there is no way they delivered it to someone else.  However, when the package arrived someone had written on the front in large black ink: "SENT TO WRONG ADDRESS".  That is what I had asked them if they did and they adamantly denined........sometimes it feels good to be right!  Either way, I got MY package..YEA! 
Now if the kids can get well, the t.v. delievered, and Payton to stop dumping things out, this week will be turning around!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What A Day!@#$

I am not complaining, just sharing information that you might find funny.  Because it helps me that others can laugh with me even if my laugh is on the borderline of insanity.  You know the one I'm talking about....the ~crazy laugh/cry~........when you feel like you just can't take another thing, but at the same time the events become funny in the absurd moment that you can't help but laugh.
It all started with the morning:
Payton woke up and was covered in a rash.  She started looking like she might have a rash the night before but when she woke up she was covered with red dots and cranky.  No fever, no vomiting, no diarrhea, so I make the judgement call to wait it out.  I called the doctor just to let them know what was happening and they suggested trying Benadryl first.  Let me let you in on a little secret about Benadryl and my genetics....It makes me nuts.  I become a monster on the stuff, cranky, climbing the walls, feet and legs jumping kind of thing.  I don't get sleepy at all....just mean!  Andrew inherited the same reaction and well...so did Payton as I learned very quickly! Enough said!
Earlier last week I had ordered something for me....for me...not the kids...for me, and I was so excited to receive my package.  I decided that I should check the status of my order because it seemed to be taking a little while to arrive.  When I clicked on the tracking number I see that it says they delivered it on Friday......it was now Monday.  I was here Friday and I didn't get it.  Frantically I searched my mind of what happened Friday, and I was certain that I would have remembered getting a package.  Just in case though.....I strapped on a face mask, threw on some gloves and headed out to the trash can.  If you can imagine me all dressed in the gear rummaging through bags of trash in my driveway with Payton sitting in the grass playing.  I'm sure my neighbors thought I was nuts!  The package was not there.....so they delivered it to someone else : (  It was not returned and I lost what I had ordered......there went all the money I had spent....on me!
When I returned inside (bummed) I received a phone call.  Two weeks ago our brand new big screen t.v. went out.....it just stopped working!  We had called the company and explained what was happening and they said they would send us a new one.  We were blown away by the customer service.  A week after calling them we checked up on the status of our claim because we hadn't heard anything.  Only to find out that they never processed the claim.  They apologized and put the order in....and it would be another week.  The week had passed and that is when I received the phone call.  They apologized again and said that they had made a mistake and would not be sending a new t.v., instead they would send a repair man.  The part they would have to order would take ANOTHER week and at this point I was lost for words and just forwarded the information to Jesse who deals better with this sort of thing. 
As the day went on Payton became more cranky and was crying a lot (which is not like her at all).  I had an errand to run so I got us dressed and ran out the door before it was time to go and get the Red's from school.  I typed in the address in the GPS and took off.  When I got off the interstate Sissy started crying.  I could barely hear the directions being given to me but managed to follow them.  When I arrived at the location the GPS had given me all I see is a grassy field..ALL around me!  Frustrated, I turned off the GPS and tried to back track.  The phone starts ringing, Payton is screaming and I am lost!  I turned the phone off, parked and found a passy.  Then I got my barrings and found the place..FINALLY.  I then hopped back on the interstate and headed for the school.....a bit frazzled!  By this time I only had a slight twitch in my eye.
When I picked up the Red's I was informed that Andrew hadn't had such a good day.  They said that he had a bad headache and they sent him to the office to lay down for a while.  He was very cranky and crying most of the afternoon.  So I thought maybe it was time I took Andrew and Payton to the doctor.  He was crying for water so I gave him his own bottle and headed for the doctor.  We were about 2 minutes away when I hear a thud followed by Andrew wailing.  I looked in my rear view mirror only to see Andrew soaking wet and the bottle of water rolling around the ground getting my car wet!  We arrive at the doctor and I try to soak up as much water as I can.  We head inside and sit down.  I am holding Sissy and she is squirming, Andrew is sitting beside me shivering and Eli is now seeing that he needs some attention.  He starts acting a fool so I try and get him under control. Right about then Sissy throws up all over me.. NICE!  Smelling like vomit and with my eye twitching wildly was when I did the "laugh" that was borderline ~crazy cry~!  Holding it together a bit longer we managed through the doctor (smelling like vomit) only to find out they both have a virus.  Neither one of them was running a fever so the doctor said it was going to be a wait and see.  It could turn into something else....GREAT!  We load back up and head home.  On the way I noticed that my leg was itching something fierce.  When I got home I pulled my leg up only to find:   POISON IVY...WHAT THE HECK!!!!!!!!!  I can't even tell you where I got it!
About an hour after arriving home Andrew and Payton both start running a high fever...figures! So everyone went to bed early because I knew I would be up and down through the night with my sick kiddos......and sure enough....I was!

Not complaining, maybe whining and most definitely venting...but I do feel a little better now!
One good thing to happen:  when Jesse got home he called the t.v. company and after giving them a piece of his mind (in a nice way) they are sending us a new t.v. again.  However, it will still be another week : (

Monday, August 16, 2010

Super Glue II

Oh how I do love a good super glue story!  However, this time it did not involve Jesse.

Eli has these mini transformer figurines that he carries around with him and they are like precious gold.   He loves them, plays with them and sleeps with them.  He let Andrew borrow one and something happened and the leg broke.  Needless to say Eli was devastated!  So Jesse told him not to worry, we would glue his leg back on. 
I guess Jesse got busy and forgot because after a while of waiting Eli decided to take matters into his own hands. 
 Jesse and I were upstairs and we hear the "death scream".  As parents you know what cries are what and when it's a hurt cry.....well you know.  This was somewhere in between hurt/drama/scared cry.  Then we heard the feet of a thunderous run.  When I met him at the top of the stairs he was in panic mode.  He had taken his little guy downstairs to Jesse's shop to try and fix him himself.  He pulled the industrial size bottle of super glue down and tried to glue the leg back on.  Instead of gluing the leg on he glued his fingers together.  He was horrified and kept screaming "my fingers are stuck forever...sob, sob, sob"!  Jesse and I couldn't keep ourselves from laughing.  The shear drama that Eli had created was too much to bare.  Just look at his face:
After calming him down I got my finger nail polish remover out and went to work.  Not only had he glued his fingers together but he had glue all over his hand.  Precious boy!  I am happy to report that the leg got glued on promptly following the incident and is now back in one piece to continue fighting the Decepticons.

Whip Cream Anyone?

The other day I put Sissy in her swing to take her afternoon nap.  This nap usually consist of at least 1 1/2 hours so this is when I try and get some things done around the house.  The Reds were busy running around playing like the thunderous children that they are, so I sent them downstairs to play.  I got busy with my chores and somewhere in the mix Andrew and Eli escaped from downstairs and went in the room and woke Sissy up.  They knew I wouldn't be happy with this situation because we have talked about them waking her up a lot.  So Andrew decided to remove her from her swing and carry her to the couch.  When I walked into the room this is what I found:
Yep.....that is whipped cream he is squirting in her mouth......and she wasn't complaining!  I just choose not to ask why he had the whipped cream in the first place.  My guess is that he did so to get her not to cry so I wouldn't be upset that he woke her up.  My sweet little angels!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Seriously....I need a break!

Walked into the 1/2 bath again today and found toilet paper on the floor, a large puddle of water around the toilet and water splashed on the wall.  Someone sure did have a good time!

Then I turned my attention to the roll of toilet paper....it has a huge bite mark out of it.  Nothing like T.P. to do a body good!  This girl is crazy! (if you click on the picture it should bring it up larger so you can see the huge bite mark).

I can control the lids being down and doors closed when no one is here, but it is nearly impossible to keep everyone on the same page when they are all home.  Please pray for my sanity.......and for more toilet paper.......and towels to clean up the floor...and someone to wash/fold those towels.  That should do it! 
I wonder how many times I've typed the word "toilet" in my blog thus far?  Anyone care to count for me....I'm too tired!

Friday, August 13, 2010

And So It Goes....

Who said life would be boring after the boys started school.  One would think that life would slow down for me a little since I only have Payton to play with.  Unfortunately I found out today that, that would not be the case. The Reds have been in school for a total of 3 days and my 13 month old has proven to her momma that there will be no rest for the weary!

I have this baseball trophy thing that is heavy as a rock.  I use it as a door stop for the Red's door because it likes to close on it's own.  Jesse was looking for it last night and couldn't locate it.  It seems to go missing a lot so we shrugged it off and thought we'd find it later.

This morning Payton has been running around here like a mad woman. I have pulled her out of the dog water and out of the pantry where she had pulled hot dog buns down and ate them through the plastic.  She also ripped the buns apart and threw them all over the floor as I was cleaning up the dog water.  After drinking 3 cups of coffee this morning (trying to have enough energy to chase her) I needed a potty break.  I went to the 1/2 bath in the hall and tinkled.  I flushed and immediately I see the water rising....great!  I say out loud "ARG, those BOYS", and go and find the plunger.  I plung a few times and this is what popped up in the bottom of the toilet:

It was the baseball trophy that was missing......and it wasn't the Red's who did it this time!!!!!!!!!  And so it goes....the start of another flusher!  Guess I need to get that plumber back on retainer!


Thursday, August 12, 2010

These Boots Were Made For Hunting

I was reminded last night of this story by a dear friend and couldn't believe that I haven't shared it.

As most of you know my husband is an avid hunter.  I'm talking, ducks, geese, deer, turkey, dove, etc......  He loves to be outdoors and loves to hunt.  In fact my basement is dedicated to his "trophy's" and at any given time during hunting season you will find some kind of hunting gear lying around.
Last year I bought him some new boots....state of the art....keep your feet warm and dry boots.  He goes through a pair a year so he was excited to get these "not so cheap" boots and I mean "not so cheap" literally!
After hunting he takes the boots off and places them on the landing in the garage so they can dry.  This is their permanent place during hunting season. 
Hunters get up and go hunting early in the morning before the sun comes up.  Everything is dark and still and Jesse always fights to get out of the house without waking everyone.  So one morning he dressed and walked out to the garage and stepped into his boots.  All of a sudden he feels something wet on his foot.  He pulls his foot out of the boot trying to figure out why the inside of his boot was wet.  He lifts the boot up and smells it only to realize that someone has PEED inside his "not so cheap" boot.  His sock is now wet and there is no way to get his boot clean and dry by the time he has to leave. 
You may also know that to be a successful hunter you have to be scentless....and....well pee is what you would call a deterrent to deer. 
He found his old boots changed his socks and left.  Later that morning he called to check in and told me what had happened.  Of course I was laughing, and I looked over at the boys and said "hey guys, did one of you pee in daddy's boots?".  With that Eli perks up, cocks his head to the side, smirks and says "YEA, I DID"!  Man I love that kid!
This has nothing to do with the story, but I love this picture.  This is Andrew trying on Jesse's boots when he was 1 1/2 year old

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

1st Day of School Cries

I have no idea why it is built into the woman's emotions to cry on the first day of school.  We know that our children will be taken care of and that the teachers are great.  We know that they will feed them, let them go to the bathroom, give them snack and treat them like their own.  We know all of this, but still cry!
I thought for sure that this year I wouldn't cry..I mean Andrew's in 1st grade and Eli's starting Kindergarten.  I thought that it was just last year because of my hormones (Payton was 3 weeks old when they started last year) that I cried.  Nope, I have come to realize that YES in deed, I am a card carrying member of the sobbing mother's first day of school club.  I am talking "ugly cry".  Try as I might, I couldn't hold the tears from flowing.  It's not that I  think they will be miserable, it's just that I am so proud of them and my heart just swells!

Jesse and I set a system in place last year because we both know I'm a crier.  Jesse takes the kids to school on the first day so I can cry my ugly cry at home and not embarrass myself or the Red's.  We repeated this process this year and Jesse left with the Red's a little while ago.  They grow up so fast : (
yeah, I'm crying again!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Poison Control

I don't know what it is about my daughter eating everything, but we have now put poison control on our speed dial.  I thought I was doing a pretty good job of keeping the "dangerous" stuff out of reach, but I didn't about everyday items.  You see Payton is just now 13 months old and so far I have called poison control 3 times....yes 3 times.  This is a big deal and uncharted territory because I never had to call for the Red's.  Out of all the things they got into and dumped out, they never ate anything that I would have to call poison control for.

The first time I called was because Payton had put a huge hand full of fertilizer in her mouth.  I was potting my plants and she walked over put her hand in the pot and then put dirt/fertilizer in her mouth.  The lady on the phone said that she would be fine, just give her some water to wash her mouth out.
The second time she pulled everything out of the cabinet that is underneath my kitchen sink.  She climbed in and opened the bottle of jet dry and took a nice pull off of it.  I freaked, called again and got the same answer.  Although it looks dangerous, jet dry is just a soap and could have made her a little sick to her stomach, but that's about it. 
Third time was last night and she had disappeared to my bathroom.  She opened the bottom drawer and pulled out my deodorant.  She then took the top off and bite into the deodorant like it was ice cream.  She walked to me in the kitchen spitting  like crazy.  I picked up the deodorant and on the back it read:  if ingested call poison control immediately.  GREAT!  I think I have talked to the same lady every time because her voice sure does sound familiar.  I wonder if she thinks the same?

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fallen Soldier

Last Night Andrew came running to me whimpering a little.  So I asked: "what's wrong Andrew?".  His reply: "mommy, I swallowed one of my army guys". 
With Andrew being 6 years old I don't worry about him choking on toys like I do Payton.  I figure that he is old enough to know better than put small toys in his mouth.  As parents, we allow our children to grow and mature and when this starts to happen we let go of the reigns a little.  The problem is.....setting the example.  You see when you have a parent who likes to chew on plastic objects for some unknown reason (I would be talking about Jesse here) it doesn't set the precedent for the kids.  He can't handle not having something in his mouth to chew...like pen tops, straws, the kids small toys, or anything plastic lying around.  I call it his nervous tick....a rather obnoxious nervous tick when none of my pens work because he has chewed the clicky part to pieces.  Okay, soap box over....now back to the story at hand.

So I say: "Andrew, are you okay?  Does it hurt? Can you show me exactly what you swallowed?".
He said he was fine and went to show me what he had swallowed.  I'm thinking to myself that there is no way he could have swallowed a whole army guy....I mean, how could he have done that?  Turns out I was right, he had just had a small part in his mouth and had swallowed it on accident.  He asked what I was going to do and I said....."well nothing, it's gone".  My job description is many things, but digging through poop for GI Joe is not one of them.

I guess you could say that there really will be a dead solider in the toilet..............

Good Bye All American Hero!  You lived a brave life...God Speed!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Eye Drops

Jesse getting super glue in his eye a few weeks ago reminded me of a story about the Red's and eye drops.  This was back in December and I haven't shared this with you guys. 

One night while I was away, the Red's got bored.  When the Red's get bored they entertain themselves.....with getting into and doing things they shouldn't.  They snuck back to our bathroom and had gotten into the drawers and pulled out a bottle of eye drops.  Jesse noticed that things were a little too quite around the house so he went to inspect.  What he found was Andrew and Eli taking turns putting eye drops in their eyes.  Nothing serious, but Jesse thought this would be a good time to have a little fun.
He gets this worried look on his face and says "OH NO".  Both the boys stop what they are doing and immediately look at Jesse and say "what daddy?".  Here is the conversation:
"you guys didn't put those eye drops in your eyes did you?"
"OH NO, we have to call 911"

panic starts setting in with the Red's

"because those eye drops are going to make your eyes not work anymore"
"NOOOOO, CALL 911, CALL 911"

Screams, wails, hysterical cries

"We don't want our eyes to stop working" 


Then they both ran to the faucet and stuck their eyes underneath the water, flushing them out.  Jesse then tells them that he thinks they will be alright, but they shouldn't get into stuff that is in our bathroom.

That night while doing bedtime prayers Andrew says "daddy, Jesus healed our eyes"
Eli chimes in: "Yeah, He licked them"

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Traditions Of Watermelon Eaters

Being from Alabama, watermelon eating is a must and has been a tradition in the Beasley family for generations.  We take pride in how we have perfected the art of eating such a fine fruit.  I grew up with a watermelon practically stuck to my hand and countless watermelon spitting seed fights as memories. 
I feel like it is my duty to pass on my love for eating Watermelon's to my children.  I think I succeeded:

We are classy......we don't use forks.....It's the best way to eat one!

Monday, August 2, 2010

My Daughter is a Klepto!

I have come to realize over the past month that my dear beloved daughter may in fact be a kleptomaniac.  I noticed first around the house she would just pick up things and disappear with them.  Like a gardening shovel that I was using while planting, the remote control to the t.v., or the phone. But here lately it's gotten worse.  Every time we go to the pool she manages to steal someones shoes or walk off with someones pool toys.  While we were in Alabama she stole my moms cane...
 Today we went to one of those in door jumping places where the kids run wild and she stole at least 3 bottles.  I don't know what I am going to do.  Is there a treatment center for a 1 year old? ; )

I think I spend most of my time chasing after my sweet little girl and returning things that she has lifted.  Watch your stuff people.......here comes sticky little fingers Richardson!

This is her attitude shot.....
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