Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What A Day!@#$

I am not complaining, just sharing information that you might find funny.  Because it helps me that others can laugh with me even if my laugh is on the borderline of insanity.  You know the one I'm talking about....the ~crazy laugh/cry~........when you feel like you just can't take another thing, but at the same time the events become funny in the absurd moment that you can't help but laugh.
It all started with the morning:
Payton woke up and was covered in a rash.  She started looking like she might have a rash the night before but when she woke up she was covered with red dots and cranky.  No fever, no vomiting, no diarrhea, so I make the judgement call to wait it out.  I called the doctor just to let them know what was happening and they suggested trying Benadryl first.  Let me let you in on a little secret about Benadryl and my genetics....It makes me nuts.  I become a monster on the stuff, cranky, climbing the walls, feet and legs jumping kind of thing.  I don't get sleepy at all....just mean!  Andrew inherited the same reaction and well...so did Payton as I learned very quickly! Enough said!
Earlier last week I had ordered something for me....for me...not the kids...for me, and I was so excited to receive my package.  I decided that I should check the status of my order because it seemed to be taking a little while to arrive.  When I clicked on the tracking number I see that it says they delivered it on Friday......it was now Monday.  I was here Friday and I didn't get it.  Frantically I searched my mind of what happened Friday, and I was certain that I would have remembered getting a package.  Just in case though.....I strapped on a face mask, threw on some gloves and headed out to the trash can.  If you can imagine me all dressed in the gear rummaging through bags of trash in my driveway with Payton sitting in the grass playing.  I'm sure my neighbors thought I was nuts!  The package was not there.....so they delivered it to someone else : (  It was not returned and I lost what I had ordered......there went all the money I had spent....on me!
When I returned inside (bummed) I received a phone call.  Two weeks ago our brand new big screen t.v. went out.....it just stopped working!  We had called the company and explained what was happening and they said they would send us a new one.  We were blown away by the customer service.  A week after calling them we checked up on the status of our claim because we hadn't heard anything.  Only to find out that they never processed the claim.  They apologized and put the order in....and it would be another week.  The week had passed and that is when I received the phone call.  They apologized again and said that they had made a mistake and would not be sending a new t.v., instead they would send a repair man.  The part they would have to order would take ANOTHER week and at this point I was lost for words and just forwarded the information to Jesse who deals better with this sort of thing. 
As the day went on Payton became more cranky and was crying a lot (which is not like her at all).  I had an errand to run so I got us dressed and ran out the door before it was time to go and get the Red's from school.  I typed in the address in the GPS and took off.  When I got off the interstate Sissy started crying.  I could barely hear the directions being given to me but managed to follow them.  When I arrived at the location the GPS had given me all I see is a grassy field..ALL around me!  Frustrated, I turned off the GPS and tried to back track.  The phone starts ringing, Payton is screaming and I am lost!  I turned the phone off, parked and found a passy.  Then I got my barrings and found the place..FINALLY.  I then hopped back on the interstate and headed for the school.....a bit frazzled!  By this time I only had a slight twitch in my eye.
When I picked up the Red's I was informed that Andrew hadn't had such a good day.  They said that he had a bad headache and they sent him to the office to lay down for a while.  He was very cranky and crying most of the afternoon.  So I thought maybe it was time I took Andrew and Payton to the doctor.  He was crying for water so I gave him his own bottle and headed for the doctor.  We were about 2 minutes away when I hear a thud followed by Andrew wailing.  I looked in my rear view mirror only to see Andrew soaking wet and the bottle of water rolling around the ground getting my car wet!  We arrive at the doctor and I try to soak up as much water as I can.  We head inside and sit down.  I am holding Sissy and she is squirming, Andrew is sitting beside me shivering and Eli is now seeing that he needs some attention.  He starts acting a fool so I try and get him under control. Right about then Sissy throws up all over me.. NICE!  Smelling like vomit and with my eye twitching wildly was when I did the "laugh" that was borderline ~crazy cry~!  Holding it together a bit longer we managed through the doctor (smelling like vomit) only to find out they both have a virus.  Neither one of them was running a fever so the doctor said it was going to be a wait and see.  It could turn into something else....GREAT!  We load back up and head home.  On the way I noticed that my leg was itching something fierce.  When I got home I pulled my leg up only to find:   POISON IVY...WHAT THE HECK!!!!!!!!!  I can't even tell you where I got it!
About an hour after arriving home Andrew and Payton both start running a high fever...figures! So everyone went to bed early because I knew I would be up and down through the night with my sick kiddos......and sure enough....I was!

Not complaining, maybe whining and most definitely venting...but I do feel a little better now!
One good thing to happen:  when Jesse got home he called the t.v. company and after giving them a piece of his mind (in a nice way) they are sending us a new t.v. again.  However, it will still be another week : (

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