Monday, August 16, 2010

Super Glue II

Oh how I do love a good super glue story!  However, this time it did not involve Jesse.

Eli has these mini transformer figurines that he carries around with him and they are like precious gold.   He loves them, plays with them and sleeps with them.  He let Andrew borrow one and something happened and the leg broke.  Needless to say Eli was devastated!  So Jesse told him not to worry, we would glue his leg back on. 
I guess Jesse got busy and forgot because after a while of waiting Eli decided to take matters into his own hands. 
 Jesse and I were upstairs and we hear the "death scream".  As parents you know what cries are what and when it's a hurt cry.....well you know.  This was somewhere in between hurt/drama/scared cry.  Then we heard the feet of a thunderous run.  When I met him at the top of the stairs he was in panic mode.  He had taken his little guy downstairs to Jesse's shop to try and fix him himself.  He pulled the industrial size bottle of super glue down and tried to glue the leg back on.  Instead of gluing the leg on he glued his fingers together.  He was horrified and kept screaming "my fingers are stuck forever...sob, sob, sob"!  Jesse and I couldn't keep ourselves from laughing.  The shear drama that Eli had created was too much to bare.  Just look at his face:
After calming him down I got my finger nail polish remover out and went to work.  Not only had he glued his fingers together but he had glue all over his hand.  Precious boy!  I am happy to report that the leg got glued on promptly following the incident and is now back in one piece to continue fighting the Decepticons.

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