Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Boss

Let me just say that just because Payton is the youngest in the house does not mean that she is not the most dominant.  At thirteen months of age she knows how to RUN THE SHOW and has the Red's figured out! 
She seems to know how to place herself in the Queen Bee position!  The Red's eat it up though!
And already has them having  tea parties with her
She knows she has them under HER control!
So the other day Payton, Andrew, Jesse and I were all just sitting around.  Payton was trying to get into something (again) and I told her "No Sissy".  Whenever she hears the word "no" she immediately (just like a girl) turns and runs away crying and throws herself face down onto the floor. I can't blame her, I don't like to hear the word "no" either....especially from Jesse when I want to buy something.  Maybe she has watched me too many times throwing myself in the floor crying ; )  Can anyone say "DRAMA"! 
Nothing different about this time, she turned, ran and put her face in the pillows and started crying.  Andrew starts laughing because it is quite funny to watch.  When she sees that Andrew is laughing at her she jumps up and runs to him as fast as her little legs can carry her.  When she gets to him, she rares back and pops him on the head.  She was going to show him who was boss...and you never laugh at the boss!  Again, I say "no, no Sissy", then just like before the show continues.......she runs away crying, throws herself face down in the pillows again and sobs.  Again, Andrew laughs....and again she runs at him and POPS him on the head.  I know we are suppose to be good parents and not laugh at these situations because it only shows her that it's okay to hit......but THAT WAS FUNNY!  We all laughed....of course trying not too....but sometimes the laughter just takes over your body and you have no control.  It's kind of like getting tickled about something in church.  You know you can't laugh, but that makes you want to laugh even harder.
It doesn't matter how many times Payton smacks Andrew, he loves her so much and thinks she hung the moon!

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