Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fallen Soldier

Last Night Andrew came running to me whimpering a little.  So I asked: "what's wrong Andrew?".  His reply: "mommy, I swallowed one of my army guys". 
With Andrew being 6 years old I don't worry about him choking on toys like I do Payton.  I figure that he is old enough to know better than put small toys in his mouth.  As parents, we allow our children to grow and mature and when this starts to happen we let go of the reigns a little.  The problem is.....setting the example.  You see when you have a parent who likes to chew on plastic objects for some unknown reason (I would be talking about Jesse here) it doesn't set the precedent for the kids.  He can't handle not having something in his mouth to pen tops, straws, the kids small toys, or anything plastic lying around.  I call it his nervous tick....a rather obnoxious nervous tick when none of my pens work because he has chewed the clicky part to pieces.  Okay, soap box back to the story at hand.

So I say: "Andrew, are you okay?  Does it hurt? Can you show me exactly what you swallowed?".
He said he was fine and went to show me what he had swallowed.  I'm thinking to myself that there is no way he could have swallowed a whole army guy....I mean, how could he have done that?  Turns out I was right, he had just had a small part in his mouth and had swallowed it on accident.  He asked what I was going to do and I said....."well nothing, it's gone".  My job description is many things, but digging through poop for GI Joe is not one of them.

I guess you could say that there really will be a dead solider in the toilet..............

Good Bye All American Hero!  You lived a brave life...God Speed!

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