Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mr. Elmer...the glue

They're BACK....The Red's are back....feeling 100% back...and ready for TROUBLE!

Yesterday evening I was trying my hardest to get everything know...dishes from supper, baths for kids, getting clothes set out for the next day.  After supper things get a little crazy around here.  Anyways, as I was walking from the bedroom to the kitchen I see Eli dart and scamper around the corner.  I know my kids I follow to find him, knowing he has done something or has gotten something he wasn't suppose to (a.k.a. Candy).  I called out for him and he stepped out into the hallway.  I asked what he had in his hands that were behind his back and he pulls out a HUGE bottle of Elmer's glue.  My heart skipped a quick beat and a little panicked I said "Eli, what did you do?".  With that he walks over and points to the fridge:
Eli has a girlfriend "Macy" who he adores.  They have been an item for a couple of years now and his eye has not strayed.  At Christmas, Macy's family had sent us a Christmas card and Eli confiscated it.  He has kept that card with her picture on it this whole time.  I didn't realize he still had it until I saw it GLUED to my fridge!!!  Yep...GLUED!  He couldn't have asked for a magnet or even tape...nope, he used GLUE!
So I chuckled under my breath and made him clean it off (which surprisingly he is very good at).  I get back to work trying my best to get everything ready for the next morning when I pass by Jesse's shoes in the hall way.  Upon walking in the door everyday, Jesse kicks off his dress shoes and leaves them by the back door.  I just happened to see a familiar white substance puddled inside the shoe. 
Again, my heart skipped a beat and I called for Eli. 
I asked "Eli, did you put glue inside daddy's shoes?".  He said "yeah" no big deal mom.  So I engage him more..."Eli, why did you put glue in daddy's shoes?".  He looked up at me with these big puppy dog eyes and said "because I didn't want daddy to go to work".  Yeah, I couldn't punish him after that line!  Little Weasel!
 I sent him on his way and started cleaning up the glue in the shoe...then I lifted up the shoe to get inside it.  This is when I just laughed out loud! 
 He had glued the shoes to the floor...he really didn't want his daddy going to work...that or he just played the best prank EVER!
After cleaning up ALL the glue I went into the boys room and said "Eli, is there anything else that you glued today?".....and with his simplicity he answers "yeah, right there"  and points to his wall.  He glued his picture that he had made in school to the wall! 

So now,  Elmer the glue has joined his buddy super glue in his hiding place, never to be seen or found until they have both dried up!

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