Thursday, August 19, 2010

Germs, Germs, Everywhere!

AAAHHHH.......We are infested with Germs!!!!  The Red's are both sick with something that looks a lot like strep (although they tested negative).  I am washing myself in purell hourly and scrubbing my house in Lysol!  I hate feeling that something is going to get me!
In the middle of the night Andrew's fever reached  nearly 103 and while he was in a half stupor/half asleep he started saying weird "my teacher has a frog in her throat".  I know he is sick, but that made me laugh!

 While the boys are sick Payton has been keeping herself busy.  It's like she senses my weakness and attacks. I've been a little busy with the Red's.  She got into the bathroom cabinets again and squeezed a whole bottle of lotion onto the floor and smeared it all around:

Oh and I would like to update my previous package finally got delievered to me!  This would be the one that they lost and said there is no way they delivered it to someone else.  However, when the package arrived someone had written on the front in large black ink: "SENT TO WRONG ADDRESS".  That is what I had asked them if they did and they adamantly denined........sometimes it feels good to be right!  Either way, I got MY package..YEA! 
Now if the kids can get well, the t.v. delievered, and Payton to stop dumping things out, this week will be turning around!

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