Friday, August 13, 2010

And So It Goes....

Who said life would be boring after the boys started school.  One would think that life would slow down for me a little since I only have Payton to play with.  Unfortunately I found out today that, that would not be the case. The Reds have been in school for a total of 3 days and my 13 month old has proven to her momma that there will be no rest for the weary!

I have this baseball trophy thing that is heavy as a rock.  I use it as a door stop for the Red's door because it likes to close on it's own.  Jesse was looking for it last night and couldn't locate it.  It seems to go missing a lot so we shrugged it off and thought we'd find it later.

This morning Payton has been running around here like a mad woman. I have pulled her out of the dog water and out of the pantry where she had pulled hot dog buns down and ate them through the plastic.  She also ripped the buns apart and threw them all over the floor as I was cleaning up the dog water.  After drinking 3 cups of coffee this morning (trying to have enough energy to chase her) I needed a potty break.  I went to the 1/2 bath in the hall and tinkled.  I flushed and immediately I see the water rising....great!  I say out loud "ARG, those BOYS", and go and find the plunger.  I plung a few times and this is what popped up in the bottom of the toilet:

It was the baseball trophy that was missing......and it wasn't the Red's who did it this time!!!!!!!!!  And so it goes....the start of another flusher!  Guess I need to get that plumber back on retainer!


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