Thursday, August 5, 2010

Eye Drops

Jesse getting super glue in his eye a few weeks ago reminded me of a story about the Red's and eye drops.  This was back in December and I haven't shared this with you guys. 

One night while I was away, the Red's got bored.  When the Red's get bored they entertain themselves.....with getting into and doing things they shouldn't.  They snuck back to our bathroom and had gotten into the drawers and pulled out a bottle of eye drops.  Jesse noticed that things were a little too quite around the house so he went to inspect.  What he found was Andrew and Eli taking turns putting eye drops in their eyes.  Nothing serious, but Jesse thought this would be a good time to have a little fun.
He gets this worried look on his face and says "OH NO".  Both the boys stop what they are doing and immediately look at Jesse and say "what daddy?".  Here is the conversation:
"you guys didn't put those eye drops in your eyes did you?"
"OH NO, we have to call 911"

panic starts setting in with the Red's

"because those eye drops are going to make your eyes not work anymore"
"NOOOOO, CALL 911, CALL 911"

Screams, wails, hysterical cries

"We don't want our eyes to stop working" 


Then they both ran to the faucet and stuck their eyes underneath the water, flushing them out.  Jesse then tells them that he thinks they will be alright, but they shouldn't get into stuff that is in our bathroom.

That night while doing bedtime prayers Andrew says "daddy, Jesus healed our eyes"
Eli chimes in: "Yeah, He licked them"

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