Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Poison Control

I don't know what it is about my daughter eating everything, but we have now put poison control on our speed dial.  I thought I was doing a pretty good job of keeping the "dangerous" stuff out of reach, but I didn't about everyday items.  You see Payton is just now 13 months old and so far I have called poison control 3 times....yes 3 times.  This is a big deal and uncharted territory because I never had to call for the Red's.  Out of all the things they got into and dumped out, they never ate anything that I would have to call poison control for.

The first time I called was because Payton had put a huge hand full of fertilizer in her mouth.  I was potting my plants and she walked over put her hand in the pot and then put dirt/fertilizer in her mouth.  The lady on the phone said that she would be fine, just give her some water to wash her mouth out.
The second time she pulled everything out of the cabinet that is underneath my kitchen sink.  She climbed in and opened the bottle of jet dry and took a nice pull off of it.  I freaked, called again and got the same answer.  Although it looks dangerous, jet dry is just a soap and could have made her a little sick to her stomach, but that's about it. 
Third time was last night and she had disappeared to my bathroom.  She opened the bottom drawer and pulled out my deodorant.  She then took the top off and bite into the deodorant like it was ice cream.  She walked to me in the kitchen spitting  like crazy.  I picked up the deodorant and on the back it read:  if ingested call poison control immediately.  GREAT!  I think I have talked to the same lady every time because her voice sure does sound familiar.  I wonder if she thinks the same?

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  1. Hey Joy...this is Jenn (Kanute). I love your blog! We had the same deoderant incident with our little boy, Jake. He was 1 at the time! What is it about deoderant that just makes them want to take a bite out of it??? Don't worry though.....my mom said that the poison control center knew her by her first name because she had to call about Stephen so much. He is 19 now and has made it just fine!!!! Your kiddos are precious!!!


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