Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Cut Shirt

Okay, I have to be really careful typing shirt over and over!

Yesterday while sitting in the carpool line at school, I was greeted by the art teacher who came to my car.  She wanted to tell me what had happened that day in art class with Eli.  She said that she had introduced scissors to the class and they were cutting out shapes and gluing them on a collage.  Eli is no stranger to scissors.  He was in pre-school last year and he has scissors at home (which I have confiscated because he likes to cut bags of chips open).

She went on to tell me that Eli did a great job with cutting out his shapes and she gave him much praises for this.  However, when she turned her back to help with the other children Eli decided he was bored with cutting shapes from the paper and moved on to his shirt.   I was thinking that it was no big deal, maybe a little slit in the bottom of the shirt.  Only when I turned to see Eli sitting there in his seat I noticed his belly showing.  Yea, it wasn't just a little cut...it was a GAPING HOLE!  He's an artist, what can I say?

So, Eli got his first note home yesterday for his actions that I had to sign and return so it could be put in his permanent folder.  It's going to be an interesting year!

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