Thursday, September 2, 2010

What would you do for an iphone?

What would you do for an iphone?  I cannot live without mine.  I feel lost without it near and when it gets misplaced I feel like I've lost my wallet.  The Reds have taken an interest here lately in Jesse and my iphones.  They love to play games on them and will sneak in and grab them off the charger.  When Jesse's at work I have to monitor fights between them on who is going to play my phone first. 
Yesterday I had, had it!  They were fighting non stop about my phone....MY PHONE!!!  I tried so hard to explain that it was MY phone and that I needed it, but they didn't care....they wanted to play plants vs. zombies or angry birds.   So I put a stop to it.  I told them that Mommy's phone was off limits from now on!  Yep, I was taking back control of MY I could play angry birds : ) 
After this announcement there was lots...I mean lots of whining, grumbling,  & complaining, but I stuck to my guns.  I told them to go outside and play like normal children.

Today it started up again.  Once I picked them up from school the begging began to play my phone.  I once again stuck to my, not going to give my phone up!  When we got home they settled down and it seemed that my phone had been forgotten.....until supper time. 

I was in the middle of cooking supper and Andrew came in once again begging for my phone.  I can't say what it was, but idea crossed my brain.  It's like a moment when everything comes together perfectly...a smell, an idea, and a certain end to the phone whining.

As Andrew was asking for my phone, Payton ran by and I caught a whiff of something foul.  Oh yea, she had messed her britches something fierce.  So I said, "Andrew if you will change Sissy's poopy diaper, then you can play my phone".  In all honesty I thought for sure he would say no way and then move off the subject of the iphone, but instead he looks at me and says: "you're joking".  So I pushed forward...."no, I'm not joking".  With this he flips Sissy over and tries to jerk off her pants.  I stop him and carried her to the living room where the wipes are...because from the smell of things, he was going to need a lot of wipes!
I grab the camera, because I am in disbelief that this is actually happening.  How could he want to play games so bad that he would brave the foulest smell and poopy ever.  I'm telling you it was making me gag smelling it just in the room.  As he undid the diaper I see that it is one of those "blow out" diapers.  Oh yea.....up the back.  Immediately he starts gagging and pulls his shirt over his nose.  He then pinches his nose with one hand and starts cleaning Sissy off with the other hand.  I am laughing so hard at this point that I can't keep the camera straight.  These images are just snap shots from the video camera, so they are a little blurry.
He definitely earned the right to my iphone!

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