Monday, September 27, 2010

Attack of the Hummingbird

The other night Jesse and the Red's were out side playing and left the garage door open.  It had gotten dark so Jesse was trying his best to corral the Red's inside.  He got them both in the garage and was just about to shut the garage door when I spotted two hummingbirds trapped inside the garage.  I yelled out for him to stop so we could try and get these things outside.  I decided the best idea was to get the Red's inside because they were yelling so loud at the hummingbirds and scaring them to death....not to mention Belle jumping around trying to snag one out of the air.
I manage to get Andrew inside and we were working on getting Belle and Eli in when Jesse grabs a broom.  Jesse then starts to tap on the railings for the garage door trying to scare the birds down.  Eli had just about made it to the landing of the top of the stairs when all of a sudden the hummingbirds start flying toward the door.  I knew what a nightmare it would be trying to get these birds out of the house so I made the quick decision to shut the door.  What I didn't factor in was how much Eli was going to freak out because of this tiny little bird.
All of a sudden I hear this loud deafening scream...AHHHH, AH, AH, AH, AH!!!!!!!  So I open the door and Eli is standing there hands full of his toys, hands clinched tight around them, tears streaming, and eyes closed screaming as loud as he could.  I looked at him and asked, "Eli, what's wrong with you?".  He replies: "THE BIRDS ARE GOING TO GET ME...SOB, SOB, SOB!!!".
Yes, the hummingbirds were going to attack Eli.......hummingbirds....the smallest birds on the planet......yep......that's what induced so much fear that caused a major freak out for Eli!
As I am dealing with him I happened to look up in the hall way and see that one of the hummingbirds managed it's way inside our house and now we had to make sure it didn't get out of the hallway.  Eli looked up and saw the dangerous man eating bird, dropped everything in his hands and ran away as fast as he could screaming like something was going to get him.

Laughing, I called Jesse inside because he was still trying to get the other bird out of the garage.  He grabbed his fishing net and we were able to successfully extract the bird. 
Whew, another life saved at the Richardson household!
Unfortunately, Eli will be forever scarred by a......HUMMINGBIRD!


  1. Hummingbirds are notoriously territorial - so maybe Eli is on to something.

  2. I seem to remember Eli freaking out at the petting zoo last year and you trying to make him love on the pig. God bless him. That sweet baby does not like wild animals.


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