Monday, September 20, 2010

The Reds Strike Again!

Many of you have read about the debacle concerning our TV.  For those of you who have no clue on what I'm referring to here is  a brief recap:
Our TV for the basement that we bought last October just quit working one day.  We called the company and after being yanked around for a month they finally shipped a new one out to us.  It took another two weeks for the thing to be delivered, for a grand total of 6 weeks of no TV for the "man cave" (and that is all inclusive of Jesse and The Red's).  So we now have had the TV back for around two weeks and this is where my story begins:
Jesse is very protective of "his" TV.  He babies the thing, dust it, and wipes the screen off carefully.  I have also found him down stairs a couple of times with his arms wrapped around it whispering sweet nothings into the speaker =]

The other day I was gone and the Red's were in the basement playing.  It was late when I returned so Jesse had just put the Red's to bed.  When I walked in, Jesse decided to head downstairs to  his "man cave" and watch some hunting shows.  He was only gone a minute when he returned upstairs holding this in his hands:
Yes, a bottle of carpet spot remover.  He had taken it downstairs a few nights before because Belle The Wonder Dog had thrown up on the carpet. So instead of bringing it up when he was finished he sat it on a shelf beside the TV.  I can tell you from experience that you never, NEVER leave anything lying around in arms reach or climbing reach of The Red's.  Jesse however had forgotten this small detail.
He had this disturbed look on his face and so I asked what was wrong.  He says to me through gritted teeth "YOUR boys sprayed this on MY TV".  Now wait just a minute solider boy....back up.....who's boys and who's TV?  Now who left the spot remover spray downstairs next to the TV?  Oh that's right, JESSE!  So how did it become my fault?  I just let him be, because I knew he was upset.  I asked how bad and if the TV still worked and he replied "I don't know".  So he headed downstairs to clean up the TV and make sure it isn't ruined. 
I in the mean time head to the Red's room to find out what happened.  As I popped my head in I can hear them carrying on a conversation between themselves.  Apparently they overheard Jesse and I talking.  So I interrupt and say "boys, did you guys spray the TV with that carpet spray?".  Andrew answers "yes, but we were trying to get the magic school bus to appear, and it didn't, so I guess that wasn't the magic school bus spray".  WHAT?????????  I didn't even try to engage that conversation because I was too lost!
By the way, the TV was fine.......and Jesse's face color returned to normal.....and the spot remover, well it got thrown in the garbage.

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