Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Fence Dilemma

Most of you know by now that my husband is an avid hunter.  He hunts anything that is in season, but his main love is duck hunting.  For that reason he bought a Labrador last year for retrieving ducks/geese and doves.  We named her Belle the Wonder Dog and she loves...LOVES to retrieve!
This past year Jesse spent countless hours training Belle and she has done quite well with her training.  This is her first hunting season to try out her skills so we were all nail biting the first hunt.  You never know how a dog will do with live birds and not just decoys or bumpers.
  Last weekend was opening season for Dove and Jesse thought this was perfect for Belle's first hunt.  The first day she did alright, but still quite hadn't figured out that whole live hunt thing.  The second day she lived up to her name....Wonder Dog...Jesse was so proud and was beaming when he came home.  He said everyone was just bragging on how awesome Belle was.  The only problem she had that day was with.....a fence.  Yep, a fence, the kind that have the wooden slats:
 When a bird would fall on the opposite side of the fence Belle would burn over there just to hit the brakes when she came to this fence.  She couldn't for the life of her figure out how to get over the fence.  Jesse being the "dog whisperer" decided that the best way for Belle to learn is to show her.  So Jesse (big body) walks over to the fence and proceeds to get down on his belly and slide himself under the fence.  He said there was plenty of room from the bottom slat to the ground.  He slid as far under to his waist and when Belle saw what he was doing she shimmied right under next to him and retrieved the bird from the other side.  She then went right back under the fence with the bird and sat down next to Jesse who was still under the fence half way. 
You know, some people have problems with calculations.  Like calculating the width under a fence, or calculating your body mass to said fence.  As he tried to slide backwards he realized something.....he was STUCK...oh yea, he couldn't move forward and he couldn't move backward...STUCK REAL GOOD!  His buddies were no help because they were on the ground snot laughing (as I would have been at this sight).  Jesse got tickled himself and was laughing so hard he couldn't move.  So there he was lying face down under the fence with his buddies standing around saying "Fat boy stuck in the fence"........I don't care who you are...that's funny people!  Finally after gaining his composure, and with some help, he managed to unwedge himself and slide out.  I wish, I wish, I wish I was there with the video camera that day.  Why is it that I always miss the good moments?

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