Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Last Men Standing!

I think that someone has put a voodoo curse on my household!  We have never had so much trouble with sickness around here.  It's usually everyone else around us that gets sick and somehow we get bypassed.  Not this year though, we have been the target since school started.  A fever virus hit us first, now we are on to a stomach virus....and all I can say is yuck!  It all started Friday night:

My Mom and Dad had flown in from Birmingham to spend Labor Day weekend with us.  We picked them up from the airport on Friday evening and headed to Red Robin to eat.  Andrew had this horrible cough for a few days that was from his allergies draining.  When I had picked him up from school earlier he was coughing so hard he had gotten a nose bleed.  By the time we picked up my mom and dad he had already had 3 nose bleeds.  Right in the middle of dinner he gets into another coughing fit and his nose starts bleeding again......then he threw up....right in the middle of Red Robin and right in the middle of our dinner!  So out the door we went! This really wasn't the stomach virus that attacked Andrew, but it was just the beginning of a fun filled weekend.
Saturday Payton started having some pretty nasty runny diapers that smelled sour.  Even when she burped her breath smelled sour.  I thought it might just be her teething, so we didn't pay much attention to it.  She had so many runny diapers that it blistered her rear end and her skin would just bleed every time you wiped.  I called the doctor and they suggested I let her run "free"...yea right...diarrhea+ a 14 month old with no diaper....not happening!  I had to put her in a baking soda bath 3 times a day and let her run as "free" as possible, plus lots and lots of special cream they called in for her.  After getting up twice that night with her to change her diaper, clothes and bedding I was quite tired. 
Sunday was better and the diarrhea slowed a bit.  We headed off to Water Front Park to take in a few sights.  This is my dad's favorite place to go when he visits...he just loves it.  We stopped for a milk shake and headed on down.
On the way back home I noticed my mom in the back seat with her head tilted backward and she wasn't looking so hot.  When she walked through the door of the house she started vomiting like crazy.  At first she thought it might have been the milkshake until it hit the other end too (sorry mom)!  That whole night she was up sick from both ends. We then began to think that Payton did have a virus and had now given it to my mom.
Lysol was our weapon of choice and Jesse sprayed the whole house...which made the virus angry and it attacked with more vigor!
Monday was a little better until supper time when it began to hit my dad.  Although he swears he wasn't sick, we all like to agree other wise.  He had chills and was dizzy which was part of what my mom had.  Maybe he didn't get the full blown virus...who knows....but he got a  little taste of it.
Yesterday was Tuesday and it was Eli's 5th birthday.  Everyone was feeling better and mom and dad left to go back home.  Around 2:00 Jesse called and said he wasn't feeling that great.  Jesse is the world's worst hypochondriac....the WORST!  So I blew him off.....anytime anyone ever gets sick he immediately thinks he has it.  I have tested and proven this theory.  There was a time when I said that I wasn't feeling good and that I was sick to my stomach.  Not ten minutes after I said this he said the same thing.....problem was, I was faking!  Anyways, he came home from work because the "diarrhea" had hit him.  This time was for real....he was up all night fighting the firece virus!
This morning he was still sick so I took the boys to school and on the way Andrew announced that his belly hurt.  I told him he was fine and that he was going to have a great day at school.  Eli chimed in and said that he felt sick and was going to throw up.....I told him he was fine and was going to have a great day at school.  Andrew then said "mom, when I burp it smells like bad gas".  I probably should have listened  and kept him home, but he has missed so many days of school already because of this plague we have around here!
So I dropped them off and headed to the doctor myself because for some unknown strange reason I have POISON IVY all up my legs AGAIN.....and I haven't been outside at all!  I figured I got it from the dogs or from Jesse's hunting clothes...who knows.  Anyways, I went to get a steroid shot to dry it up quickly.  On my way back home I got a call from Jesse saying that the school had just called and Andrew had pooped his pants.......YEAH, I"M THE WORLD'S GREATEST MOM!!!!!!!!!!  I felt horrible and went and picked him up! 
Now it's down to me and Eli...we are the last men staning and I refuse, REFUSE to get sick!  Besides, God wouldn't give me poison ivy  and a stomach virus at the same time.....would he? 
So whoever you are with the voodoo curse over my house, please's not funny anymore.  We are going to be quarantined...or be a case study...or BOTH!

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