Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cub Scouts.....The New Adventure

Well It's official, Andrew is now a card carrying member of the Cub Scouts and he is fired up!  Only problem is he doesn't understand why they can't go camping at every meeting. 
Yesterday was the first official meeting with their uniforms.  Jesse informed me of this small detail the day of the meeting (ARG)!  So off I went to the Boy Scout store to pick up his uniform.  What Jesse also neglected to tell me is that there were 5 patches (FIVE) that had to be sewn onto this uniform.....guess who doesn't sew?
I know you all think I am a domestic goddess, and I try my best to live up to your expectations:

To my defense...this picture was taken after giving birth to Eli...I was still in the hospital and Jesse was extremely mean to pull the camera on me. I was so drugged up that I couldn't see straight. There you have it.....your domestic goddess! This was as small as I could possibly get this photo...I'm dying right now! The lengths I go to for you guys! Now forget you ever saw this : )

But some categories I fall short in....sewing is one of them.  I took home economics in high school and had to make a dress, but after that I retired my fingers from thimbles.
What I am good at though is out sourcing...ah tailor!
When we arrived at the store and we were givien the handful of things we needed we were also given the opportunity to buy the official boy scout pants.  Let me just tell you about these pants.....they are huge....made for mammoth children.....not my runts!  I bought the size he is currently in and headed home. 
I made a quick stopped by the tailor and begged...yes begged them to sew on these 5 (FIVE) patches for me.  They agreed because they are awesome, and I was on my way.  I picked the shirt up a few hours later and then proceeded to dress Andrew in his attire.  I put the pants on Andrew and made the quick decision to unzip them at the knees (they are the two part pants/shorts). The Pants were huge, like 3 sizes too big.  Only when I unzipped them to make them shorts it looked like he was wearing pants...HUH!
So I sent my cute little tiger cub to his first official uniform wearing meeting looking like a Gangsta' least his underwear wasn't showing (maybe because I had his belt so tight he couldn't sit down). 
Check out those shorts, and yes that is Rudolf in the background!

I wonder if they provide a class for sewing on patches for rookie moms.....

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