About the Sarge

First and foremost I am a Christian!  I love Jesus with all my heart!  He has made me the woman I am today and blessed me beyond belief! 
Secondly, I am a wife to an amazing man named Jesse....He is the peanut butter to my jelly!
Third,  I am a mother of 2 amazing redheaded boys that I refer to as the Red's and 1 darling daughter that just fills my soul!
I am a  wifey, mother, singer, writer, snot laugher, crier, chef (in the Richardson household at least), daughter, sister, maid, nurse, veterinarian....I am the SARGE!

I was named the Sarge by my husband back when we first got married and decided to build our first house, and the name just stuck.

You can contact me at:  joy.richardson@insightbb.com
Thanks for stopping by the Sarge's post!

If you would like to read my testimony please click on the link below:
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