Sunday, March 27, 2011

Crazy Weekend with Crazy Kids!

This weekend was full of adventure, friends and mischievous behavior......and I'm ready for SPRING BREAK!!!
We have had a series of several visitors over the past few days which was great, but caused my children to become little aliens!
We love company, and so do they, and to show how much they love company they like to act as crazy as possible!
It all started last Wednesday when our brother in law Uncle Steve came to visit.  The Red's love Uncle Steve and think that he is their playmate.  So poor Uncle Steve was dragged to the basement everyday to play with the Red's.  One of those days Eli got the bright idea to play pool.  But instead of using a stick he grabbed the balls and banged them against the railing of the pool table which resulted in one of the inlays of mother of pearl to shatter!

Uncle Steve left early Saturday morning and we prepared for our next round of guest.  They would be arriving late that afternoon and in the mean time we had our very first baseball practice for Andrew's team.  After practice we headed over to the sporting goods store because we were informed that this years league requires a cup!  Seriously....a cup....for my precious 6 year old!!!  Hilarious!
That afternoon when our guest arrived the kids ran around for a little bit, excited,  and then disappeared.....except for Sissy Lou.  Our guest had brought their little dog with them and Sissy Lou was infatuated with the dog!  I mean, we have never seen her so excited about anything!!!!!  She chased the dog around for the rest of the day screaming "puppy, puppy, puppy, puppy, puppy, puppy, puppy, puppy, puppy, puppy" get the point!
I guess I should point out that this was an older couple who's kids are all grown with kids of their own. We did warn them before they came...promise!
Later that evening after supper The Red's went to the basement to play their play station and Sissy Lou joined them.  Only a few minutes had passed before Andrew came running upstairs telling on Eli and Sissy Lou for dumping out a tub of popcorn and spreading it all over the floor.  You see, Uncle Steve had bought a tub of popcorn from Andrew from the boy scout sale back in the fall and this was the first time we'd seen him to deliver it.  Being nice, Uncle Steve opened the tin and shared his popcorn with my crazy kids and then decided to leave the popcorn for them.  Only problem is he left it downstairs......
When we got downstairs to check out the destruction, Sissy Lou was sprawled out on the floor doing her own version of snow angel in popcorn.  IT WAS EVERYWHERE!!!!!  Jesse pulled out the wet/dry vac and got to work while I sent the kids to B.E.D.!!!
While getting them ready for bed I went into the Red's bathroom only to look down and see something wet and shiny on their rug.  Beside the wet/shiny spot I see my kitchen scissors (which belonged in the kitchen not the bathroom).  So I stuck my finger in the wet/shiny spot and smelled......nothing.......puzzled I went to find Eli (don't know how I knew it was him, but I just knew) and asked him what my scissors were doing on the bathroom floor and what that wet/shiny stuff was on the rug.
He looks at me with his big puppy dog eyes and says: "Mom, I'm going to tell the truth" (I guess trying to prep me).  Me: "Alright Eli, tell me what you did".  Eli: "It's the ice pack".
It took me a second to put two and two together, but earlier in the night Sissy Lou had bumped her head (go figure) and I had given her one of those cold boo boo packs.  She loves them, and carries them around with her.  I guess she had put it down and Eli had grabbed it up.  My conclusion is that his precious curiosity had gotten the best of him and he had to see what was inside of that ice he cut it opened and poured the geled substance on the rug in the bathroom, then placed the empty, cut ice pack back into the freezer.
Today is a new day and I was hoping for an uneventful day!  Our guest left this morning and we have just laid around being bums!  This afternoon I happened to walk into the Red's room and I was graced with the sight of Eli's name written in RED marker on the CARPET! 
You know the saying "God only gives you as much as you can handle".....Well, I'm there...I'm more PLEASE!!!!! 
I only want to find the man/woman who invented Spot Shot so I can lay a big fat wet kiss on them and tell them how their invention has saved our lives!  Seriously, the stuff can get out anything...including red marker! 

I'm hoping the mischievous nature of Eli has passed and we can get back to some normal behavior.....WHAT am I talking about....THAT is his normal behavior!!!!

And just to sum up our crazy weekend.....When Andrew got up this morning the first words out of his mouth were: "Hey mom, I prayed to Jesus that he would give you another baby"!

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