Saturday, August 14, 2010

Seriously....I need a break!

Walked into the 1/2 bath again today and found toilet paper on the floor, a large puddle of water around the toilet and water splashed on the wall.  Someone sure did have a good time!

Then I turned my attention to the roll of toilet has a huge bite mark out of it.  Nothing like T.P. to do a body good!  This girl is crazy! (if you click on the picture it should bring it up larger so you can see the huge bite mark).

I can control the lids being down and doors closed when no one is here, but it is nearly impossible to keep everyone on the same page when they are all home.  Please pray for my sanity.......and for more toilet paper.......and towels to clean up the floor...and someone to wash/fold those towels.  That should do it! 
I wonder how many times I've typed the word "toilet" in my blog thus far?  Anyone care to count for me....I'm too tired!

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