Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Eli and The Busted Lip

Once upon a time there was a little boy named Eli.  Eli was a very active boy who loved to play.  He would play anywhere he could.  In his house, outside, at school and even in the bathtub.  Eli's mommy and daddy warned Eli about playing in the bathtub though because it could be very dangerous.  Sometimes Eli didn't listen and would play in the bathtub anyways. 
One night after Eli and his brother Andrew were done with their bath they decided to play in the tub.  Eli's mommy came into the bathroom and told them that they were going to get hurt if they played in the tub.  She then got Andrew out of the tub and started drying him off.  Next it was Eli's turn, but before his mommy could get him out he had decided to do a funny trick.  When Eli started acting silly to do his trick he slipped and fell.  Eli hit the side of the tub with his mouth and busted his lip.  It hurt really really bad and he cried and cried.  Eli's mommy could tell that his tooth had gone all the way through his lip and she knew she had to take him to the doctor.  Eli was very sad because he thought he was going to have to get stitches.
Eli didn't understand why his mommy couldn't go to the doctor store and buy stitches and do the job herself.  After seeing the doctor though he found out that he didn't have to get any stitches.  He was very happy about this!
Eli decided after busting his lip that he wouldn't play in the bathtub anymore.......until the next night at least!

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