Saturday, January 30, 2010

A look at my week

This week has been a doozy. I guess you can tell since I didn't even make it to the computer this week. Jesse had a meeting in St. Louis this whole week and I was left here to fend for myself with the 3 kiddos. Not that they were bad, but it's a whole new world out there when you are doing it all on your own. So kudos to all you single moms out there....whew! For example this was a typical day last week:

6:45- get up, get kids up, make breakfast , (& coffee), dress kids and out the door by 7:25 to drop Andrew off at school.
7:50-Drop off Andrew and head back to the house for a few mins
8:00-feed Payton
8:30-leave to drop Eli off at school
9:00-drop Eli off and head to store for grocery's/errands
12:00-pick up Eli
12:15-12:30- feed Payton and Eli lunch
2:00-head to Andrew's school to sit in carpool
2:25-pick up Andrew and head back to the house
4:00-feed Payton
5:30-start supper
6:00-6:30-eat and clean up
7:00-bath time
7:30-read books
8:00-Bedtime/feed Payton and put her down for the night
from 8:30 till I fall asleep: fold clothes, get things ready for the next morning, and take a shower..........then start all over again.
Mix in the dentist appointments, bible study, stanley steemer, cleaning and picking up someone from the airport and you have a glimpse of my days this week.
I'm not whining, I'm just thankful for all that Jesse helps out with around here. It's times like these that open my eyes to see how blessed I am to have such a wonderful husband who loves me, our kids and helps out where needed...............even though he hasn't bought me a van yet ; ) I don't tell him enough how much he is appreciated! So, my challenge to each of you today is to tell your spouse how much you love them and appreciate them for everything they do!
On a side note: Eli said he wanted to get his girlfriend a baby for Valentine's Day.....

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