Thursday, February 4, 2010


The other night the Red's got into a huge conversation about heaven. It all started when Andrew was praying, he said "and Jesus please come back soon so I can go to heaven forever and ever". At this point Eli starts crying and freaking out a little. He kept saying "I don't want to go to heaven forever and ever". So I decided to sit and talk with them a little about heaven just to calm Eli down so we could all go to bed! Every time Andrew would say how much he wanted to go to heaven Eli followed with squalls of tears proclaiming he did not want to go. So I told Eli to think about the best place he could ever go and the best things and that's what heaven would be like....still he refused to budge....he didn't want to go forever and ever.  Finally after about 30 minutes Eli started coming around and he said through tears "but will McDonalds be there?"....I had to chuckle a little, but then in the same breath he asked...."and what about my snacks, will they be in heaven too?". Got to love a 4 year old mind. And by the way, in case you all were wondering .......there is McDonald's in heaven ; )
On a side note...Payton is now officially crawling, and sitting up all at the ripe age of 6 months. Looks like I have an overachiever on my hands!

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