Thursday, February 4, 2010

Momma Said There'd Be Days Like This

Ever had one of "those" days where everything seems to go awry? Yesterday was that day for me, and I should have just crawled back into bed and waited for morning!

The day started as usual...get up, get kids ready and off to school, feed Payton and so forth. Except Andrew had his annual ultrasound and blood work so we had his appt set for 9:30 at Kosair Children's Hospital. Jesse took Eli to school for doughnuts with dad day so this allowed me to get Andrew and Payton ready and out the door for his appointment. Everything was going great until I reach the interstate and notice that it is "jammed up" (this is how Andrew refers to traffic). Not a car was moving and they were backed up as far as I could see. So I made the quick decision to turn around and not get on the interstate.....I actually thought "wow, how lucky that I caught this before we got on the interstate".
So I turned around and headed down another road that would take me a little out of the way, but would put me on the interstate further down. Only, when I got half way down that road I hit traffic again. Bumper to bumper, but at least we were crawling. So I thought, no big deal, we might be a little late, but we will get there. That is when I happened to look down and notice...I AM almost OUT OF GAS!!! I can make it to the hospital, but it will be a stretch and now I am going to be really late. I was getting frustrated, because despite what my husband says I really do hate being late! As I neared the interstate I looked at my clock and see that it is now 9:30, the time of Andrew's appt. So I called the hospital to let them know what's going on and to see if I needed to reschedule....only I couldn't get anyone on the phone, so after leaving a message I decided to still try and make it there! I also thought "I might as well stop here and get gas...I'm already late, better not take any more chances". So when I pull into the station I see a sign posted on every pump which read "NO GAS DUE TO POWER SURGE". Now I start to chuckle to myself....because it is quite funny....but if only my story ended there.....
Well there are no other stations around so I hop on the interstate and pray for the best...I am still 15 mins away at best. I made it downtown and to the hospital and I was even bright enough to have Jesse pick up Eli from school because I knew I would never make it in time and that would have been another disaster! So as I am pulling up to the parking garage I let out a sigh of relief..."we made it", only to be interrupted by the parking attendant and his HUGE sign that says "NO PARKING GARAGE FULL". So what else do you do at this point but start belly laughing, (either that or crying)? I roll down my window and yell, "Can you tell me where I need to go to park" (and yes I was being wasn't his fault). He informs me that the closest parking garage is 3 blocks away and then gives me directions. So I did my U-turn in the middle of the street and headed in that direction. I have to admit at this point I was thinking I should just pack it in for the day, but I pressed on. I found the parking garage (hallelujah) and now we started winding our way up trying to find a spot in this one...when we got to the 8th floor on the tippy top I found my spot and parked. I bundled Payton up and got the stroller out, because I knew we had a haul to make 3 blocks away! When I entered the elevator I had this panic of where in the heck am I and how am I going to get where I need to go. Especially when the elevator opened and we were standing in Norton Hospital and we were on the 2nd floor......where was the ground floor where I could get out to the street? I walked over to the information desk and to my astonishment there is a walk way that connects the two hospital (hallelujah again). Now I feel as if my luck is changing. We beat it to the registration desk and they still will see us (hallelujah)!!! So after our test I am feeling like my day is on an upswing, and we never ran out of gas!
We drove to the first gas station and filled up and then went and picked up Eli. Well now it is 12:00 and it is time for Payton to eat. She still breast feeds and I have nowhere to do this and no bottle either. I decide to run into toys r us and get some formula and bottle and I sit in the parking lot with the two boys in the back and feed Payton...whew! Well since she is fed and the boys are good and we are in town I thought I'd run to the store and pick up some things I needed. We go to Lowes and I get the rug that I have been eye balling for a while (thanks tax return)! This baby is 8 x 10 and is balance on top of our cart. So here we go..I have Payton on my hip, Andrew pulling the buggy, Eli ridding on the under carriage of the buggy and me (trying) to steer! I get everyone in the car and manage to finagle the rug in and we are headed home! Now I really feel like my day has turned around!
Later that night when Jesse got home we unwrap the rug and start to place it when I notice...IT"S DAMAGED!!!! WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?! So back in the car we all go with the rug back to Lowes! Only to find out when we get there that they do not have any in their inventory and we were not going to drive to a different one! Silver lining...we bought the rug back with a discount and way more of a discount than we both thought! The manager gave it to us at their cost (hallelujah)! So I got a rug needle and stitched the bad boy up myself...and you can't even tell the difference.
The Bible study I am taking right now has challenged us to pray for God to reveal himself in everyday life. My first class was Tuesday so I wasn't expecting to see Him so quickly ; ) So here is how I saw God in this day: We never ran out of gas (and it was a battle of the needle people), they still allowed Andrew to have his test, and I got a huge discount on the rug I wanted (and that made me really happy)!!!! So...thank you God for showing me that you are still here....even on days like this!

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